Some of you may think that you need to have a relevant background in order to be an Amazon VA. That’s a misconception. Anyone from any background or career can become an Amazon VA when taught with the right strategies and learnings. And when we say anyone, we do mean, ANYONE.

James is an instrumentation technician at a plant in the Philippines. He checks transmitters, overlooks parameters, and other things that have absolutely nothing to do with e-commerce!

When the pandemic started, James had to resign from his job as he needed to be constantly outdoors with many people around him. He ended up unemployed for seven long months and got to the point of considering working abroad. When he realized things couldn’t go that way, he had to apply in companies again in his city but was unfortunately always ghosted by potential employees!

That didn’t stop James from keeping his head up. In fact, one can say that all the circumstances paved the way for an unexpectedly rewarding journey. 

James decided to keep learning other ways to earn. Stumbling upon the freelancing dimension, he knew there must be reasons why more and more people were watching all those WFH tips on Youtube – particularly Nikki B’s. He loved the idea of being a VA, took a leap of faith, and asked his wife to help him pay for the Amazon Masterclass Course!


The ASVA Learning Experience

Like most students, James started with a lot of excitement and focus. But when things get very exciting, it can lead to overwhelm. Even so, James kept going and finished the entire course in less than two months!

“Kapag alam mo na ito na yung makakapagbago ng buhay mo, gusto mo e-fast forward yung progress mo.”


Challenges in Applying

That confidence and brimming pride you carry whenever you just finished a course from a university? It’s the very same thing for the ASVA masterclass. But also like the corporate world where you start to get butterflies in your stomach during the application part, even the most confident ASVA masterclass graduates also chicken out, and James was no exemption.

Instead of striking while the iron is hot, James kept hesitating and decided to optimize his profile first, which was not a very bad thing to do! But James also highlights how he does not recommend others to do the same. 

“There is no perfect time. Every moment is a perfect time. Wag kang maging masyadong negative kase yun ang magiging hindrance mo.”


The Newbie Marches On

In a matter of weeks, he decided to push and start applying, and then he faced the bitter realities of applying – there are rejections here and there plus almost all attractive job posts are looking for someone experienced. 

What could a newbie like him do when a client can always pick someone who is more experienced than him? 

That’s when he started to recalibrate his strategies. He did not take the rejections personally, but instead, he studied them carefully and took note of what the client may have liked and disliked in every interview he was ever on.

“Huwag mong tignan yung rejection negatively. Collect the small wins na nakuha mo from the experience.

Newbies, Look Here: How to Fight Back Against Lacking Experience

Lucky for James, a client who needed someone experienced still called him for an interview. Just a quick side note to everyone, especially to our dear newbies: When a client says they need someone with the track record and years of experience, it doesn’t mean they will never consider you. Just keep applying and optimize your profile with James’ golden tip.

James can never deny his lack of experience, but he did not linger on that fact. Instead, he rose higher and clouded that weakness by giving the spotlight to what he has, rather than to what he does not have. But how?

The client loved how James magnified his value for transparency and integrity. Surely there were other candidates who had years of experience but James effectively caught the client’s attention by magnifying values over years. 

And what client could ever resist hiring someone who promises so much dedication and honesty for your company’s benefit? Remember that although clients need someone who knows how to do the job, they would love to have someone who can do the job and be very sincere while doing it.

Trust – this is what James instantly locked with the client and it worked wonders.

Another golden advice from James is mentioning your skills in particular. You may have already itemized what you can do on your resume (and if not, we suggest you go for it!) but there’s nothing like hearing it straight from your mouth. By stating detailed information about the tasks, you are also reassuring the client that he is not only hiring someone who has great character, but someone who is an expert at the job role. 

Great personality and values plus the knowledge needed for the job? Perfect!

It all paid off for James, because when he was asked how much his expected salary was, he gave a 30,000-40,000 rate and he was granted a whopping Php 50,000+ as his starting salary rate instead!

The Best Part of Being an ASVA

Being an ASVA entails so many perks, but when asked what his favorite was, he gives a determined answer:

“Pinaka rewarding experience dito is nasa bahay lang ako kasama ang family ko. Ang kinikita ko ay higit pa sa sapat. Yun ang pinaka blessing sa akin, na I get to earn this much.”

We couldn’t agree more! Earning more while getting to stay with our family is a blessing we never even thought possible in the past.

James’ Advice for The Hesitant Dreamers

Just like you, James was on the hedges for some time, too. No one decided on day one. But now that he has tried and tested this way of life, he was stoked to give you this advice:

“If you are no longer willing to be where you are right now, then you have to decide that you’re no longer willing to stay there.”

Absolutely, James! Deciding now is the best time because you can start your journey way ahead than those who are “still thinking about it.” It’s a lifestyle that everybody deserves, but not everybody is aware of it or is just not willing enough to give it a shot. But for James, his misfortunes of seven months being unemployed was a blessing that led him to the ASVA masterclass, and not long after, to his dream life.

We love opening possibilities for you and we hope that James’ success story is one that you will keep in your heart when times get challenging or when you just have not decided yet. When you finally do, we’re right here to walk with you on your way to sweet success.

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