1.  Before your register in Affiliate you need to log-out your customer account.
To register as an Amazenation Affiliate, go to
Put new email to register in affiliate and you need to put your account paypal or BDO because this is where we will send the payment to the affiliate

2. After registering, you will receive this email informing you that your account is under review.

Your Affiliate Application Is Being Reviewed

3. After we review your account and should we feel that you can help us promote Amazenation, you will receive this email:

Affiliate Application Accepted

4. Once you secure your approval to be an affiliate, go back to login with your username and password.

5. After logging into your account, go to Affiliate URLs Tab, you will need to change Page URL and Campaign Name EVERY Launch of Amazenation:

6. Get the updated Sales Page URL from us, then change Page URL and Generate your new Affiliate URL. Copy your Affiliate Link.

7. Your Affiliate URL will look like this =>

Send this to your family and friends, once they click your Affiliate link, they will be redirected to our Sales Page.

8. You will earn Php 500 - 2,000 for each referral of Amazon Seller VA Masterclass and Php 2,000 - 5,000 for each referral of Filipino Amazon Masterclass.