Picture this:  You found a way to escape the suffocating grip of an unfulfilling job. Free from being captive of a monotonous routine, trapped by the demands of a corporate job. A fresh start and a glimmer of hope in the darkness. With trembling excitement, you can finally have a life where you could be your own boss, work on projects you loved, and have the freedom to live life on your own terms. 

The thought of breaking free, working on your own terms, pursuing a freelancing career, and pursuing your passions had always tugged at your heart, whispering the endless possibilities. 

“Could this be the solution I have been searching for?”

But the painful truth hit you: despite your best efforts, you have yet to be able to fully make that transition to freelancing. 

You soon realized that the journey is not as smooth as you had imagined. 

The freelance world was an ocean of opportunities, but it was also filled with uncertainty, fierce competition, and challenges you hadn't anticipated. 

The dream you had held onto so tightly started to fade, replaced by doubt and frustration. 

Let me tell you this… you are not alone. 

Many of us yearn for the freedom and fulfillment that freelancing promises, only to find ourselves trapped in a cycle of frustration and unfulfilled potential.

Wondering why we can't seem to break free and achieve the success we desire. 

That’s why on…

Saturday, July 1st at 1pm - 5pm

And Sunday, July 2nd at 1pm - 5pm

We’ll walk you through LIVE how you can overcome these challenges…

… and turn your freelancing career into a thriving and fulfilling journey.

With a SYSTEMATIC process…

Where even if you have ZERO background in freelancing, you can build a thriving freelancing career from the ground up.

So whether you are a student, an employee, or a parent, you have an opportunity here.

Because this is going to be your ULTIMATE roadmap for a clear direction in navigating the freelancing landscape.

During this 2-Day event, you can discover the…

Skills, qualities, and tools required to start working from home…

Common challenges freelancers face and how to overcome them…

Ways of handling clients and building a long-term relationships…

Stress management techniques…

And more…

But this is just the start.

Because to really thrive in this competitive freelancing world, you need to SPECIALIZE.

So you not only differentiate yourself from the competition, but you also become highly sought after by clients who are willing to pay top dollar for your specialized skills.

(That's how our students have achieved success in freelancing and started earning 2X, 3X, and 5X more than their previous jobs.)

And that’s why we’ll also tap into and learn some of the most profitable skills of Amazon VAs.

Starting from Amazon account management, product research, listing optimization, Amazon PPC advertising…

All the way to even learning the strategies for growing your client’s Amazon business.

These two days of dedicated learning can totally equip YOU, to build a thriving freelancing career.

As we hand you the shortcut to making that your reality.


You’ll be trained by a seasoned coach, who has successfully started earning 6-figures per month since 2012 as a freelancer.

Who has walked the path you are currently on… and has arrived at the destination you aspire to reach.

And has been invited to speak at different events and forums to educate Pinoys about the power of the world-renowned selling platform existing today, Amazon. So you can leverage it to become a successful freelancer.

All of these are going to happen in the 2-Day EXCLUSIVE training, called…

This exclusive LIVE training event is carefully structured to give you the MAXIMUM result.

At the end of the 2-day event…

You’ll be armed with knowledge, hands-on experience, and actionable steps you can use to carve out a profitable niche and stand out in freelancing.

And that can set you apart from the competition, establish your authority, and attract your dream clients.

So while most aspiring freelancers are struggling to find their footing in freelancing…

You’ll be ten steps ahead.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • What most “gurus” don’t tell you about remote work and virtual assistance… and the essential tools and software that are crucial for serving clients effectively.
  • Discover the EASIEST way to set up yourself and your environment to unlock your potential and be successful in freelancing.
  • Uncover the SECRETS to skyrocketing your productivity and efficiency as a freelancer while avoiding burnout, so you can have a work-life balance.
  • The single most important key to having a stable income in freelancing. Learn how to foster lasting relationships with your clients and have better client retention.
  • The TRUTH about what it’s like to be an Amazon Virtual Assistant as we walk through the Amazon VAs tasks and navigate the Amazon account management.
  • Want to have the same competitive edge Amazon VAs have? Explore and learn some of their in-demand and TOP highly-paid skills (including product research, listing optimization, inventory management, and Amazon PPC advertising).
  • Why clients are willing to pay you thousands of dollars: Discover the strategies to scale an Amazon business as a virtual assistant and identify opportunities for growth and expansion.

And a lot more!

But before anything else, let's address the elephant in the room.

This is not your average LIVE training event that is full of theories…

… yet lacks depth, practical guidance, and real-world examples to apply in your freelancing career.

Because aside from theories, imagine also having access to these:

Credible and Qualified Trainer: To make sure that you receive the highest quality of training, you can tap into their extensive knowledge and get your questions answered accurately by an expert.

Over-the-Shoulder Demonstrations: This is your opportunity to witness the lessons being applied in real-time. You not only learn the theories but also witness how they are applied in real-world scenarios.

Hands-on Activity: Hands-on activities provide you with the opportunity to put everything you learned into practice and get actively involved in applying the concepts you learned.

30-Day Community Access: We want to make sure that this is not just a learning experience for you. But also to give you an extra dose of motivation and accountability, by collaborating and networking with like-minded individuals who share your interests and aspirations.

7- Days Live Webinar replay Access: We know that life can get busy, and schedules can be unpredictable, so we want to make sure you won't miss out on any crucial information or engaging discussions. Miss a point or struggle to grasp a concept? With replay access, you can replay specific sections and absorb the content at your own pace.

Now, you might be wondering…


This is for you if…

  • You want to OVERCOME the obstacles that have been holding you back from having a fulfilling freelancing career.
  • You want to BREAK FREE from the nine-to-five grind and embrace the exciting world of freelancing.
  • You’re struggling to TRANSITION from a corporate job to freelancing because you lack the necessary knowledge, skills, and guidance to navigate the freelancing world effectively.
  • You want to SPECIALIZE in Amazon-related tasks and want a foundation for becoming a highly-paid and in-demand Amazon VA.
  • You’re a student, a stay-at-home parent, or an aspiring freelancer who wants a BETTER WORK-LIFE BALANCE, where they can prioritize their personal well-being, spend quality time with their family, and pursue their passions outside of work.
  • You are eager to UPSKILL AND ACQUIRE NEW KNOWLDEGDE that will help you stand out in the competitive freelancing market.

But if you’re expecting that this is a get-rich-quick scheme, then this event is not for you. 

We are providing you with valuable knowledge, insights, strategies, and hands-on activities that can lead to your long-term success in freelancing.

So you can finally let go of the fear of the unknown, the self-doubt that lingers in the back of your mind, and the frustration of not knowing where to start.

But you still need to put in consistent effort, dedication, and hard work.

That’s why we wanted to make sure that you’ll be guided by a qualified and expert coach during the event.


Hi, I’m Lish!

Over the past 8 years, I've served as an Amazon Virtual Assistant, supporting numerous Amazon sellers to become 6-, 7-, and 8-figure business owners. And I spent 4 years as an Amazon FBA Seller, consistently delivering successful products on the platform. As a result, I have earned the name "Amazon Queen."

I started as a general virtual assistant, initially earning $2 per hour. In 2012, I finally reach a monthly income of 6- figures. But I had to work 10-14 hours every single day just to achieve this level of success. Eventually, I discovered the KEY of how freelancers are earning the same while working only 4-6 hours. Plus, I uncovered the common mistakes that overwhelmed new freelancers do that hinder their ability to attract high-paying clients.

Nowadays, I have the privilege of coaching thousands of Filipinos worldwide, guiding them toward becoming high-earning freelancers, reaching 6-, 7- figure incomes. My goal is to help more Filipinos avoid the pitfalls that often trap newbie freelancers while equipping them with the essential knowledge to achieve financial success from the comfort of their own homes.

And because we want to give you EVERY possible advantage…

Once you join, you can also gain access to:

🎁 BONUS 1: Profile Optimization Training (worth P2,000)

Your profile serves as your digital business card, making a lasting impression that can determine whether clients choose to work with you or move on to another freelancer.

Imagine having the power to craft an irresistible online profile that captivates potential clients and sets you apart from the competition. Because to succeed, you need to differentiate yourself and showcase your expertise effectively.

By optimizing your profile, you'll attract the right clients, stand out from the competition, and increase your chances of securing high-quality projects.

🎁 BONUS 2: Mindset workbook (worth P500)

The mindset you bring to your freelancing journey is the foundation for your success.

The workbook delves deep into the power of mindset and guides you through an exercise that will help you develop a strong and resilient mindset. You can learn how to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success and adapt to changing circumstances. 

🎁 BONUS 3: Certificate

Trust and credibility are important. Clients need to know if you are someone that they can trust in their business. Imagine holding in your hands a powerful symbol of recognition and accomplishment. This is a digital certificate you can use to validate your expertise and sets you apart from the competition.

It showcases your commitment to professional development and your gateway to endless opportunities and is a testament to your dedication and commitment.

Now these bonuses alone  can already help you start working at home and start your freelancing career… 

And this is already worth more than the costs of some courses available out there…

But I’m not gonna charge you that much.

In fact, I won’t even charge you half of the cost.

You can join the “Amazon VA 2-Day Mastery” - an INTENSIVE 2-Day LIVE training event.

🎁 BONUS 1: Profile Optimization Training (worth P2,000)

🎁 BONUS 2: Mindset workbook (worth P500)

🎁 BONUS 3: Certificate

For only…

P3,500 P1,200


If all this did was help you conquer your self-doubt and lack of confidence... would it be worth it?

If all this did was help you to successfully transition to freelancing... would it be worth it?

Join us now and take the first step towards creating your successful freelancing career.

And here's the catch… 

Because we believe in providing an intimate and interactive experience 

The seats for this 2-Day LIVE event training are limited to ONLY 50 seats.

Reserve your seat today before all 50 slots are filled.


Here’s what you’ll learn in the Amazon VA 2-Day Mastery…


I. Introduction to Remote Work and Virtual Assistance

  • Benefits and advantages of working from home as a virtual assistant
  • Understanding the skills and qualities required for remote work
  • Exploring different virtual assistant roles and opportunities
  • Overcoming common challenges of working remotely

II. Setting Up Your Home Office

  • Creating an effective workspace at home
  • Ergonomics and setting up a comfortable work environment
  • Essential equipment and tools for remote work
  • Establishing a productive daily routine and work-life balance

III. Time Management and Productivity

  • Effective time management techniques for remote workers
  • Setting goals and prioritizing tasks
  • Managing distractions and staying focused
  • Techniques for maintaining motivation and avoiding burnout

IV. Communication and Collaboration

  • Tools and platforms for remote communication (e.g., video conferencing, messaging apps)
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Building rapport and maintaining professional relationships remotely
  • Collaborating with team members and clients virtually

V. Remote Work Tools and Software

  • Overview of essential remote work tools (e.g., project management software, time tracking tools)
  • File sharing and document collaboration platforms
  • Task management and organization tools
  • Automation and productivity apps for virtual assistants

VI. Self-Development and Continuous Learning

  • Importance of ongoing learning and professional development
  • Identifying relevant resources and training opportunities
  • Building a personal brand and online presence as a virtual assistant
  • Networking and connecting with other remote professionals

VII. Client Management and Professionalism

  • Understanding client expectations and delivering high-quality work
  • Effective communication with clients: expectations, feedback, and updates
  • Building trust and maintaining professional relationships
  • Handling difficult clients and resolving conflicts remotely

VIII. Work-Life Balance and Self-Care

  • Strategies for achieving work-life balance while working remotely
  • Setting boundaries between work and personal life
  • Stress management techniques for remote workers
  • Incorporating self-care activities into daily routines


I. Product Research and Sourcing

  • Importance of product research for Amazon sellers
  • Identifying profitable product niches
  • Conducting market research and competitor analysis
  • Strategies for finding reliable suppliers and manufacturers
  • Managing inventory and order fulfillment
  • How to use Helium 10

II. Listing Optimization

  • Importance of optimizing Amazon product listings
  • Writing compelling product titles, descriptions, and bullet points
  • Effective use of keywords for improved search rankings
  • Optimizing product images and A+ content
  • Utilizing backend search terms and other listing optimization techniques

III. Amazon PPC Advertising

  • Introduction to Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
  • Understanding different PPC campaign types (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands)
  • Setting up and managing effective PPC campaigns
  • Keyword research and targeting
  • Monitoring and optimizing PPC performance

IV. Amazon Account Management

  • Overview of Amazon Seller Central
  • Navigating the seller dashboard and understanding key metrics
  • Managing orders, shipping, and customer service
  • Handling customer feedback and reviews
  • Dealing with account suspensions and policy violations

V. Inventory Management and Replenishment

  • Calculating inventory levels and safety stock
  • Effective inventory forecasting and planning
  • Strategies for managing inventory replenishment
  • Dealing with out-of-stock situations and backorders

VI. Accounting and Financial Management

  • Understanding financial aspects of Amazon selling
  • Tracking sales, expenses, and profitability
  • Setting up and using accounting software for Amazon businesses
  • Managing taxes and compliance
  • Budgeting and financial planning for Amazon sellers

VII. Amazon Marketing Strategies

  • Introduction to Amazon's marketing tools and programs
  • Utilizing Amazon Coupons, Lightning Deals, and Promotions
  • Building an Amazon Brand Store
  • Leveraging social media and influencer marketing for Amazon products
  • Implementing email marketing campaigns for customer engagement

VIII. Accounting and Financial Management

  • Understanding financial aspects of Amazon selling
  • Tracking sales, expenses, and profitability
  • Setting up and using accounting software for Amazon businesses
  • Managing taxes and compliance
  • Budgeting and financial planning for Amazon sellers

IX. Scaling and Growth Strategies

  • Scaling an Amazon business as a virtual assistant
  • Identifying opportunities for growth and expansion
  • Outsourcing and delegation strategies
  • Building a team and managing remote workers
  • Developing long-term strategies for sustainable success


What will happen after the 2 days live event? Is there any additional support after this?

Upon completing the immersive 2-Day LIVE event training, we firmly believe that you will emerge equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to confidently navigate through your freelancing journey.

However, should you desire to delve deeper and specialize specifically as an Amazon VA, we offer the opportunity to enroll in our ASVA Masterclass at an exclusive discount. This comprehensive program will provide you with in-depth training on all the crucial aspects required to excel in the field of Amazon Virtual Assistance.

Do you offer Apprenticeship?

We do offer apprenticeship exclusively to those who will join the 2-Day LIVE event training. If you are interested and want to learn more about how this works, contact our team through email ( or via WhatsApp/Viber at 0916 640 6798.

When is the scheduled date and time for this upcoming event?

Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated event taking place on Saturday, July 1st, and Sunday, July 2nd at 1-5PM. It is essential that you reserve this time and block your calendar accordingly.

However, in the event of an emergency preventing you from joining the LIVE event, you will still have the valuable opportunity to access the replay of the training. Making sure you don’t miss out on any crucial information.