Effective as of November 25, 2023 – Amazonation PH is embracing education for various eCommerce platforms and is redefining its presence under a new name, new logo, new vision and mission, and new tagline.

AmazoNation PH, a vanguard in nurturing Filipino virtual assistants and entrepreneurs for success on the global Amazon platform, proudly announces a strategic rebranding, emerging as AMAZENATION. This change signifies a strategic shift, reflecting its commitment to broader horizons, greater societal impact, and the continuous pursuit of excellence in the eCommerce landscape.

For 5 years, AmazoNation PH has stood as a light for Filipino entrepreneurs and virtual assistants aspiring to carve their path in the highly competitive world of Amazon. Led by the Philippines’ Amazon Queen, Lish Aquino, the community has witnessed a number of extraordinary success stories – from ambitious newbies to seasoned virtual assistants and entrepreneurs. Each narrative is a testament to the life-changing power of education, community, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

The decision to hop on this rebranding journey is rooted in the desire to build upon the community’s success, extending its influence to new realms of eCommerce while fostering a sense of empowerment and shared success.

“We have a lot of courses out there, but inside AmazoNation natutuwa ako and I’m very proud because it’s what we passed on… the care for each and every one. Because of what we build in AmazoNation ang dami-daming nagbago ang buhay. And as we expand our horizon, to touch more lives of even more people, and more eCommerce platforms. Let’s celebrate the birth of AMAZENATION, here’s to life-changing learning and extraordinary living.” – Lish Aquino, Chief Executive Officer, AMAZENATION (formerly AmazoNation PH)

AMAZENATION is continuously committed to leading aspiring virtual assistants and entrepreneurs toward profitable opportunities. This rebranding aims to touch diverse eCommerce platforms, ensuring that Filipinos can harness the vast potential of various online marketplaces. It’s a strategic move to embrace limitless opportunities, create a more significant impact, and position AMAZENATION as a global force for positive change. To stand as the undisputed leader in eCommerce education, driving positive change and fostering success stories on a global scale.

AMAZENATION is committed to equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the dynamic e-commerce world. Beyond education, the mission is to foster personal growth and empowerment, enabling its community members to lead extraordinary lives filled with success and fulfillment. It envisioned becoming the global leader in cultivating exceptional virtual assistants and nurturing successful startup entrepreneurs worldwide on different e-commerce platforms. It ensures a comprehensive learning experience for the members where the community becomes a supportive network where dreams are nurtured, and success stories are written.

As AMAZENATION looks to a brighter future to collaborate with various eCommerce platforms and brilliant creators, for more significant opportunities for Filipinos in the ever-expanding digital marketplace. To become a legacy of empowerment and success.

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