How To Go From Clueless and "Unemployable"
to an In-Demand
and Highly - Paid
Amazon Virtual Assistant

in 8 WEEKS or Less

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What You'll Learn in This Training

In this jam-packed and highly-attended (more than 800+ participants) webinar, you'll get an overview on how to build a freelance business by starting as an Amazon Virtual Assistant Seller. Instead of researching your options online in conflicting bits and pieces, watching this FREE training will save you a lot of time and help you decide if becoming an Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant is right for you. You'll also learn the following:

Why being an Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant is one of the best decisions to make in 2021 and beyond

How to get started working from home even if you're a complete beginner, have no idea how amazon works, and have struggled to get clients in the past

How to get prospects to want to work with you even if you lack experience, or are new to working online.

How to turn your disadvantage into a competitive edge- even newbies who do this has a chance of landing premium clients using the SPM Technique!

What People Are Saying

Uzziel Faith Vallega

I watched to learn but I never expected to cry like this... This is so heartwarming.

Hera Saladaga

Ma'am lish Sana po ma meet ko kayo in person  you inspired me po. Mag iipon po ako para makapag enroll ako soon.

Letlet Tubon

Hi po Ma'am Lish. Kelan po kaya ulit mag open ASVA elite?

Carlo M

Ang dami ko narinig na other businesses pero message mo po lish tinamaan ako ng sobra.

Anne Derilo

Hope someday that I will become a amazon VA...I am planning to enroll soon

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Lish and AmazoNation has helped more than 16,000+ Filipinos move closer to their dreams of gaining time and financial freedom.

Lish also speaks at different events and forums to educate Pinoys of the power of selling online.

Your Trainer: Lish Aquino

When you are redundated from your job of many years while caring for your infant, it’s easy to give up on your dreams.

Lish could have done just that, but instead, she held herself completely accountable for her situation and her transformation.

Wanting to work from home so she could watch over her son David, Lish took decisive action that took her from being an unemployed housewife and new mom to a multi-millionaire who works from home and has time and financial freedom for herself and her family.

Instead of looking for the same full-time low-paying bank employee job (she was earning ₱8,000 per month at the time she was let go), Lish went online and started freelancing as an Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant.

Wanting to augment their income while taking care of her child at home, she discovered how to be an Amazon Seller VA, and started earning ₱20,000 per month, and went on to work with many clients. 

After a lot of trial and error, she learned the ins and outs of Amazon and eventually became a highly successful Amazon Seller herself. To date, her Amazon business has earned several million dollars in gross revenue selling 45+ products worldwide. 

She’s a supportive wife, a mom of 3 kids. And she's the Founder of AmazoNation, the Philippines' #1 resource in learning Amazon FBA today.


Negosyo University
Online Filipino Freelancers
Manila Bulletin
Freedom Summit
Our Awesome Planet

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