It’s already challenging enough going through something the first time. More so if you’re doing it all by yourself.

Although the community is ready to lend you a helping hand, still some shy away from asking questions simply because we don’t want to impose on others.

Not to add the fact that Filipinos are known for being “matiisin”, a truly admirable trait of ours, that as long as we get by, we’ll continue figuring things out on our own.

But here in Amazonation PH, we strive to make your learning experience a fruitful and enjoyable one. We acknowledge that our students’ needs differ and thus, we adapt new ways to make this a win-win situation for everyone.

And that is why we’re thrilled to introduce to you the…


Now, you can invite three (3) of your friends or relatives to join your Amazon Virtual Assistant journey...
Inside, you’ll get access to:

CORE TRAINING #1: 12 Month Access to the Premium Amazon Seller VA Training
CORE TRAINING #2: One Year Access to Weekly Webinar Training
CORE TRAINING #3: 12 Month Support via Facebook and Discord ASVA Community
CORE TRAINING #4: The Art of Seduction Mastery Course
BONUS #1: Tax Management 101 for Freelancer with George Aurelio (Worth 1,999)
BONUS #2: Online Arbitrage 2-Part Series with Coach Charlie (Worth 1,499)
BONUS #3: Amazon VA Productivity and Time Management Webinar
BONUS #4: How To Find Hidden VA Opportunities by Miguel Campaner (Worth ₱10,000)

And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet..

The ASVA Barkada Bundle of 4 will only cost you a total investment fee of Php 51,897.00!

Which means that instead of paying the regular price of Php 14,897.00 for the Advanced Masterclass, you’re actually getting it at a discounted rate of Php 12,974.25!

That’s the lowest we had ever given this out.

So get this…

Availing the ASVA Barkada Bundle of 4 has all the cards stacked up in your favor…

  • You’ll receive 12 month FULL access to all core trainings & bonuses
  • Enjoy almost 13% discount per person
  • Have fun learning with friends & family
After all, we make the most out of anything when we share it with the ones we trust and love.

If you’re ready to take advantage of this amazing offer, add this to your cart until this promo lasts!

*IMPORTANT NOTE:To avail this promo, one person must pay the total fee of Php 51,897. Allow us 2-3 business days to verify your payment. Once done, you will receive an email confirmation and a form where you can input the details of the 4 people who will have access to the ASVA Advanced Masterclass.