Just when you thought Amazonation’s ASVA Masterclass couldn’t get any better, here’s an unbelievable upgrade that you’ll find impossible to resist. Whether you are a total newbie in the world of freelancing or one of those who are still on the hedge waiting for the “perfect moment” to enroll, this is definitely for you.

What’s Already in ASVA?

As you might already know, the ASVA Masterclass is popular for helping Filipinos become in-demand, highly-paid virtual assistants in just 8 weeks.

Sure, you can always start your journey as an Amazon VA without a course, but just like everyone who’s ever made that mistake, they come running to a coach who really knows what she’s doing. Coach Lish Aquino, who takes all the valuable lessons from her own years of experience, shares her most advanced training through the course that the whole nation is now raving about!

The best part of Amazonation ASVA? Real coaches with tested strategies and experiences that ensure you have the smoothest ride to your first client. Simply put, Amazonation ASVA is your shortcut to a life of financial freedom and the dream of owning our time – and finally, truly owning our lives.

The Art of Seduction: What It Is and Why You SHOULD Care

What if someone told you to apply to a job with an employee who is sure to hire you? Surely you’ll get on your desk and send your resume right away – because along with that power of certainty is confidence. But in the real world scenario, we are smothered in fear and worry over rejection. There is a sea of applicants out there – of course you have all the reasons to doubt and dim your confidence a bit.

We wish we could give you a magic pill that would make all your self-doubt go away, or give you a magic spell to make your clients always say yes. Wouldn’t it solve all your worries and fears, get a job, and finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Quick newsflash for you: There may be no magic pill, but there is The Art of Seduction. And trust us. It’s just as good.

Coach Sariah Guanzon Ordinario is the founder of an exclusive community called “The Art of Seduction”. Driven by her goal of turning freelancers and agency owners to become #certifiedyummymarketers, she teaches effective strategies to make clients say yes. It’s a whole new approach to negotiating that will change how you deal with others forever.

And Coach Sariah does not stop at the basics. This course shows you how to naturally connect with the client, attract prospects, and of course, how to make clients say YES and make them want you, and not the rest! Apart from that, the course covers winning scripts, cold email outreaches, and the secret framework that has changed the game for so many Filipinos.

This may sound too good to be true, but if you’re deciding to enroll in the ASVA masterclass, you’re in for a real treat as this offer is only for a limited time.

We’re Giving Away Over Php 11,000 – Seriously!

The whole Art of Seduction course is priced at more than Php 11,000 if you enroll separately for it – be our guest and check it out. But because we are merging Coach Sariah’s course in our ASVA Masterclass, this comes for FREE.

This means that if you’ve been eyeing on joining the ASVA masterclass and Coach Sariah’s AOS course, then you can save that budget for AOS as we got you completely covered. We’re not playing around by saying we’ve added a free power course but charging you more on our ASVA masterclass . There really is no reason for you to pass this opportunity up anymore!

Why Wait?

With such a mind-blowing offer like this, we admit you’re one of the luckiest batches. Most of our existing coaches paid for Coach Sariah’s course but never regretted the power that came with it – so let’s just say you’re being given a superpower for free. And yes, the coaches around here are green with envy! 
The course starts soon and you would not want to miss it – enroll in the ASVA masterclass and start the first step of a life you deserve – a life of financial ease, time, and career growth. Let this opportunity change your life today!

Author: Hanna Manaug

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