Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any experience in freelancing. I don't have an eCommerce background. Can I still take the course?

If that's the case, then Amazon Seller VA Masterclass is PERFECT for you.

I've designed this course to be an A-Z roadmap for complete beginners. If you don't have any past freelance experience, eCommerce related skill, or technical knowledge...

...this will still work for you.

That's the entire reason why there are 160+ videos inside this masterclass. It's to help you go from newbie to Amazon Seller Central expert in 8 short weeks.

Everything --- from where to click, who to talk to, what to do --- will be taught and discussed. No stones are left unturned.

What's the schedule of the classes and webinars?

We will post announcement of our welcome webinar inside our Exclusive Facebook Group. You'll know schedules BEFORE that date.

By the way, ASVA Masterclass is a combination of pre-recorded videos, weekly webinars and coaching. Once you join, there's a lot of training videos and modules to sift through.

That's why we recommend you attend the webinars. We'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to consume all of them...WITHOUT suffering information overload.

What are the tools that I need to work as a VA to an Amazon Seller?

An internet connection and computer are all you need. But it'd be preferable if you also have a headset for client communication & interviews.

What are the skills required to be an Amazon Seller VA?

Here are a few skills an Amazon VA must have:

  • Product Research
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Listing
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Customer Service
  • Basic Social Media Management

If you're still wondering...

...YES, you'll learn how to do all these inside Amazon Seller VA Masterclass.

What is the day to day role of an Amazon Seller VA?

Here's what an Amazon Seller VA does on a daily basis:
- check and respond to Buyer/customer messages
- manage product review and seller feedback
- check Amazon product listing

A few times a week:
- Amazon Sponsored Ad

Occasional Task:
- Product Research
- Supplier Sourcing
- Promotion
- Creation of Shipping Plan
- Competitors Analysis
- Inventory Management

Inside ASVA Masterclass, we'll teach you how to be proficient in all these so you'll get a $5/hr client as soon as possible. 

And I know these tasks will be sometimes overwhelming and confusing. That's why the ASVA community exists! You can ask graduates and me if you're struggling or having a hard time performing any Amazon tasks. We will be there to guide you. 

So what are you waiting for? Join ASVA Masterclass today.

What is the difference between Amazon Seller VA Masterclass and Filipino Amazon Masterclass?

Amazon Seller VA Masterclass is for Filipinos who want to become 6-figure Amazon Virtual Assistants. 

Filipino Amazon Masterclass is for Filipino entrepreneurs who want to build a 7-figure business selling on Amazon. 

There's a big difference. Not only in the lessons you'll learn, but also the investment as well. 

In ASVA Masterclass, the only investment is your enrolment fee. 

In FAM, you'll have to invest in the program, the products you'll sell, in Amazon's monthly warehouse fees, and so much more. 

But the bottomline is this: If you want to become a 6-figure VA, enrol in ASVA Masterclass. If you want to become an Amazon Seller, you can upgrade your enrolment to FAM later on.

Do you accept bank payment for installment?

Unfortunately, we do not. We only accept one-time payments if you decide to pay through bank deposit.

After enrollment closes, all my attention will be on you and your classmates. I simply don't have time anymore to follow up on the payments if paid via bank. 

Do you provide referral discount if I bring a friend?

Earn from P500 to P50,000 by recommending our programs online. Endorse it to people in your network, your own Facebook group, all across social media platforms, or your email list.

Click this link for more details.

Is becoming an Amazon VA for me?

Just like any profession, not everyone is cut out to be an Amazon VA. But those who go beyond their fear and doubts stand to reap the rewards of this growing industry.

Only you can answer this question and to help you decide, we have put together an Ultimate Guide for aspiring Amazon VAs. Download the free e-book here:

After submitting your email address, another page will pop up. You have the option to take advantage of the one-time 10% discount or ignore it and close the page. You will receive the free ebook in your inbox within 20 minutes.

If I’m going to get the ASVA Elite package, can I choose my coach?

Answer: As much as we want to have you choose your preferred mentors, our coaches’ schedules can change over a period of time and may not be consistent with yours. To solve that, you’ll be asked what your preferred coaching schedule is and you’ll be assigned to a coach who’s availability matches with your choice.

Below are the 4 coaching schedules you can choose from. You can only select one (1) that best fits your current situation.