FAM Inner Circle

Business Package Ground Rules

Ground Rules

1.   Student Responsibility

  • The efficiency of the mentoring relies on the students’ commitment to fully watch and meticulously understand the learning modules prior to scheduled mentoring sessions.
  • Worksheets and/ or assignments must be completed and submitted at least 3 days before the call
  • Scheduling of Calls must be made by the students thru email and will be set depending on the mutual agreement on day and time

2.  Mechanics of Calls & Mastermind Sessions

  • Links to Zoom calls will be provided by the coach
  • 45-60 minute duration of calls must be strictly observed
  • Cancellation of call should be made at least a day before the scheduled appointment and should be communicated through email.
  • Punctuality on all calls, appointments, and sessions is expected at all times.
  • No submitted worksheets or set of questions, no call
  • Elaborate concerns will be discussed either through calls or masterminds, based on the discretion of the coaches.
  • The course runs for 6 months and mentoring starts from Day 1 of the course. 4 mentoring calls may be availed within 6 months from Day 1
  • 8 1-hour Mastermind Meetings will be held within 4 months, which is exclusive to Fam 8 Inner Circle students only

3.  Business Package Terms

  • Dual access to Modules, Facebook Page, Masterminds and One-on-One Coaching
  • Assistance to strictly 1 Amazon Seller Central account and 1 product only
  • Single access to Google Classroom and email support

4.   Confidentiality

  • All information, product ideas and documents shared in between student and coach during the program are deemed confidential but may be shared only within the coaching team solely for the purposes of validation, evaluation and data analysis in connection to the student’s learning
  • Sharing of identity and financial documents such as, but not limited to Passport, Driver’s License and Statement of Accounts are not required and doing so, the student warrants his willful disclosure of such documents 
  • Student undertakes to hide and protect sensitive information contained in shared documents such as credit card numbers

5. Communication Channels:

  • Community learning is greatly encouraged thus general questions must be directed to the community thru FAM’s Facebook Page or during Mastermind sessions
  • Concerns involving confidential information must be communicated via email or calls
  • Email is the preferred correspondence channel for other concerns
  • Sending personal messages or chat to coaches are strongly discouraged

6.   Business Hours

  • Calls, Emails and group queries will be responded to during:
  • Official Business Days (Monday to Friday, Philippine Time)
  • Regular Working Hours (9:00 am - 9:00 pm, Philippine Time)
  • However, Facebook group interaction among members is definitely allowed on weekends and outside working hours

7. Limitations of Mentoring & Liability

  • Student commits his availability and cooperation for the successful conduction of mentoring sessions. The coaching team shall not be held accountable for non-response and/or unavailability of student for the mentoring sessions
  • Opinions and suggestions of the coaching team are solely for guidance and recommendation in aid of learning and shall not be treated as directive. Final decision shall always be made by the student upon careful evaluation and critical examination of facts and presented suggestions.
  • Likewise, all decisions made pertaining to any activity involving the student’s Amazon account and Amazon selling, is solely the student’s willful prerogative, thus the coaching team shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever for any outcome which arises from such decision
  • Requests to pause the course & mentoring due to unforeseen circumstances is deemed prohibited.  No refund will be given in situations where the student is unable to complete the mentoring within the given course duration. Transferring to the succeeding batch is likewise prohibited.

8.   Capacity to Invest

  • Student attests to have adequate funds to invest in his Amazon brand and/or business and acknowledges the risks involved in opening such

9.   Transparency & Acknowledgement

  • Providing the coaching team accurate data and business numbers is expected to track progress and properly address issues in relation to selling on Amazon
  • Progress and status tracking will be conducted from time to time even after the conclusion of the course for the purposes of feedback, improvement and efficiency of the course

I, ___________________ (name) hereby acknowledge and agree to the rules of the Filipino Amazon Masterclass.





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