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The Leader Behind The Nation

Lish Aquino, the Amazon Queen of the Philippines, is the Founder of AmazoNation. She is a coach to hundreds of Filipino Amazon Sellers and virtual assistants, both here and abroad.

She started as an Amazon Seller VA and moved her way to become a highly successful Amazon seller and trainer today. To date, her Amazon business is consistently earning on Amazon and selling 45+ products worldwide. This business opened her mind to witness all the secrets of the eCommerce Amazon trade.

And because of that, it became her mission to help more Filipinos turn their path in working from home as part of AmazoNation FAMily — A Nation that dominates the largest retail empire while creating a lifestyle of success and freedom.

To date, her programs helped 2,500 Amazon Seller VA’s and 515 Amazon Sellers in dominating Jeff Bezos business empire.

“I started this Nation because I realized that no one here in the Philippines initiates on maximizing the talent and potential of Filipinos especially those who want to sell products and services. We’re doing all these for the Land, the Least and the Lost”.

Drop in your email address and your FREE Ebook will be sent to your inbox shortly.