I Want to Show You
How to Build a 7-Figure Business
From the Comforts of Your Home So You Can Start Living The Life You’ve Always Wanted

Dear Kababayan,

My name is Lish Aquino. Many Filipinos call me the Philippines’ “Amazon Queen”.

Here’s why:

For the past few years, I’ve been able to earn millions passively on Amazon by selling physical products I don’t personally see, touch or ship to international customers.

Here’s a screenshot of my revenue in the past 30 days...

As you can see, I've made more or less P 25-million (gross revenue) in the last 30 days.

Now, I want you to imagine how your life would look like if you didn’t have to work for money.

What if your life was different?

You wake up as the sun peeks through your curtains at 8:45 am - no alarm clock - and roll over to greet your spouse with a lovely kiss.

You scroll a little on Facebook, loving all the travel photos. You know you’ll be on an international trip with your family 2 weeks from now.

After a few minutes, you finally get up and prepare breakfast for the kids as you listen to their stories about school and stuff.

As soon as you’re done doing some chores, you head over to your laptop and look at your email.

What do you see?

You received 307 orders while you were sleeping & busy taking care of your family. $7,200 in total. It still feels surreal that you made this much from something you created over a year ago.

And I’m telling you this because in just a few moments, I will show you the EXACT step-by-step process of how I built an asset that pays me to live the life I want.

Before that, let me set the stage:

8 years ago, I was a Virtual Assistant working for a $1,000,000/mo international business...

This business was generating 6-7 figures per month selling physical products on Amazon. What amazed me more was that there’s only one person operating it...and he’s doing it from the comfort of his own home. 

He didn’t pay for manpower. He didn’t rent a warehouse. I was his only employee. So you can imagine how much he’s earning month after month. 

And it didn’t stop there. I was shocked to learn that he was only working 2-4 hours per week.

Can you imagine that? Running a multi-million international business...and you don’t even have to step out of your house...or deal with people, suppliers, or inventory.

I wanted that. And since you’re reading this, I know you want that as well.

So I became a good Virtual Assistant. I went beyond what he asked me to do. 

I studied how his business operated, became an irreplaceable asset, and made sure we were on the same page. But while I was working for him I kept asking myself:

“How did he start?” 

“What did he do to earn this much per month?”

“Can I do this too?”

I kept studying...asking...learning...and observing. Until I found out that EVERYTHING he knew he learned from one self-study course.

When I discovered that, I wanted to buy that course too. I also wanted to make millions while working 2-3 hours per week.

But when I saw how much the course costs --- my eyes popped wide open and my jaw dropped…

The course costs 250,000 pesos. I had to save for at least 2 years before even thinking of investing in a course like that.

But I wanted it so bad....

So I asked my boss something other Amazon Virtual Assistants WOULD NEVER DARE ASK.

I proposed if we could share the profits of his next winning product...

You see, one of my tasks was to find new products for him to sell. For 2 years, I did this...and I got really good at it...even better than him.

Now, I didn't ask for a 50-50 split. I asked for a measly $1 for every unit sold. Considering he'll earn $20-$50 (passively) for each sale, I thought it was a no-brainer decision.


He didn't like it. He declined my proposal. A few weeks later, I got fired.

Now, my first instinct was to find another Amazon VA job. But I didn’t want to make someone rich again... and then get fired once I get REALLY good at running their business…

So I took matters into my own hands...

I wanted to become an Amazon FBA Seller myself. That’s why...

I borrowed money to buy the
₱250,000 Self-Study Home Course...

I was so confident that with everything I knew as a VA, I can achieve what he did...maybe even more.

While studying the course, I realized there was a huge learning curve. What I knew as a Virtual Assistant was not enough to become an Amazon FBA Seller. You need to learn new concepts, laws, protocols, and terminologies.

You need to learn how to:
  • find and choose what to sell among hundreds of thousand of product options
  • ask for product samples from suppliers
  • choose between shipping via air or sea
  • buy inventory and ship them to Amazon's warehouse
  • NOT panic if your products were held at US Customs
  • How to get a US bank account while living in the Philippines
  • and so much more... 

For the first time in my career, I felt alone. 

I didn’t know who to turn to. I didn't have a boss. No co-workers. There was also no community of Filipino FBA Sellers. No one I could ask for advice.

Nevertheless, I pushed forward…

...and that’s when a series of misfortunes began…

My first product was a scarf...

I bought 1,000 scarfs and sent them to Amazon’s warehouse.

I didn’t know at that time it was a seasonal product. It would only sell at specific times of the year --- more specifically in winter and fall. The rest of the year? No one wanted them.

So ayun...natulog ang pera ko. PHP 40,000 worth of products stuck in Amazon’s warehouse for 6 months.

The peak months came and I sold my inventory --- 1,000+ scarfs...even got a nice profit.

The experience taught me a lot --- how to handle problems, patience, and NOT to panic.

Armed with a new perspective, I searched for a new winning product. After a few weeks, I found one!

My second product was copper-infused socks.

Looks great, right? I was confident this was it.

The copper-infused socks were:

✓ light weight
✓ not fragile
✓ easy to sell
✓ easy to ship
✓ lots of health benefits
✓ great overall design
✓ durable with high perceived value
✓ people use socks every day
✓ NOT a seasonal product

But it bombed...spectacularly.


Well, it's because I was competing against big brands. Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Copper Fit were also selling copper-infused socks.

Why would customers buy from an unknown brand, with little credibility, selling socks at a higher price?

So I had a clearance sale. I sold the socks at wholesale price. But even that didn't do the trick.

Months passed, the socks are still in Amazon's warehouse....and the storage fees were accumulating. The sales I was generating weren't enough to cover the fees.

Even though I was selling 6-7 socks per day, I was still losing money.

So I asked myself: "Is this it? Should I stop?"

I was at the brink of quitting because after everything --- the sleepless nights, hours of learning, money invested --- I still failed...

But something inside me resisted. I wanted to continue. I have come this far.

During this time, I told myself "This is my last attempt. If this doesn't work out, maybe Amazon FBA isn't for me."

This time, I didn't ask for financial help. 

With my back against the wall, I became more motivated than ever. This time, I was more careful...more meticulous...and also wiser.

My risk analysis and product validation process improved by ten-folds. I also had friends and mentors to guide me. And thanks to them, I finally found a winning product. This product became my bread and butter.

After selling out my entire inventory within a few weeks, I made a huge profit.

Now, I had proof I knew what I was doing. This was it!

I used the money I've saved to buy inventory so I could grow my FBA Business.

From there...

I was able to find 40+ more winning products, scale my business, and go from 0 to $4,953,479.88

in 2 short years...

Within a year, I was able to pay ALL MY DEBTS…

Not only that, we (as a family) were able to go on amazing vacations…
We are able send our kids to great schools...give to charities and organizations we believe in…treat our parents to trips, spoil them with gifts and frequent visits…

My business was generating millions on auto-pilot. I had so much time to do the things I love. I started to invest, make more time for my husband, and help relatives & friends as well.

But in 2018, something happened...

After teaching two batches of Amazon Virtual Assistants, I’ve had dozens of requests to create another masterclass.

This time for Amazon FBA Sellers... I have been asked by seasoned eCommerce Filipinos, influencers, business owners, as well as total newbies.

I have always refused because I didn’t have enough time.

I Opened The Very First Amazon FBA Coaching Program in the Philippines

I can still vividly remember how nervous I was on how my first launch would turn out.

We opened the program on July 27, 2018…

And to my surprise, over 200 Filipinos wanted to join in a span of 48 hours!

But I could only effectively coach 100. Any more than that, the quality of my training significantly decreases. So I had to refund the other 100+ Filipinos who already deposited their money in my account.

Out of the 100, only a few had experience selling on Amazon --- none of them were making 6-figures.

The other 90% were total newbies. They had never sold on Amazon...ever. Some even had no idea how eCommerce works.

Nevertheless, I was optimistic. I challenged myself to give more than I could get. I taught them EVERYTHING I know...and more.

I had 1-on-1 conversations with them where I answered all their queries, and even gave them feedback, consults and critiques whenever needed.

Doing all these ate up a lot of my time...and DECREASED my earnings by millions.

But I didn't care. You wanna know why?

It's because...

In Just 4-5 Months...
My Students Made It!...

How big? Well...

  • Like generating sales as soon as their products arrived on Amazon's warehouse...
  • Earning $500 in their 30 days as sellers...
  • And even generating $1,000 per month for 2 consecutive months...

And that's just the start! Here are some of my student's achievements...

What I Taught Them Worked

My students were able to find products, re-brand them, ship them to Amazon's warehouse, generate sales, and get reviews.

But during the program, I realized I couldn't do it all.

Amazon changes their algorithms, policies, rules and regulations almost every quarter.

I couldn't keep up with Amazon updates and coach at the same time.

That's why I asked for help from one of my successful students…

So we can take the mentorship program to WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.

Once inside, you’ll meet one of my proteges

Since 2019, I've been grooming her to become a FAM Coach.

If any, I love working side by side with people who have the same passion, values, and dedication as me.

She mastered my proven-and-tested system, applied it, and now has a successful Amazon store of her own.

She’s skilled.

She’s experienced.

She’s an "Amazon FBA Expert."

She knows how to adapt, pivot, and shift priorities because she already knows how the "game" works in their market.

She also has world-class marketing expertise because she knows how to tweak, optimize, and edit her own listings to beat out competitors.

And she’s willing to share all these secrets, methods, and strategies with you.

Wanna know why?

She understands what you're going through...

...because she was at the EXACT the same spot as you 12-18 months ago.

She knows the hurdles you're facing.

She knows how much this matters to you.

She understands what's at stake.

That's why she has decided to join my mission...

You'll get to know her once your in the FAMily.

For the Land, the Least, and the Lost

First, we're doing this for our Land --- the Philippines. By training more Amazon FBA Sellers, we can create more job opportunities for Filipinos. More opportunities = More income for our homeland. If that means training my future competition, that's fine with us.

Second, we want to help the least --- Filipinos who want to break free from their 8-5 local and overseas jobs. I want to help local employees and OFWs who want to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and finally break their golden shackles of employment. Not just for them, but for their parents, family, and future.

Finally, we want to guide the lost --- Filipinos who want to sell on Amazon but don’t know how. Filipinos with the entrepreneurial spirit, but haven't reached their goals yet. Filipinos who have already spent hundreds of thousands of pesos without earning any of it back.

If you’re a business owner who wants to grow your business, an OFW, employee or freelancer who wants to 10X your income while working less, or you’re already an Amazon FBA Seller but not seeing results…

...let me help you.

If you’re willing to take this challenge with me, then I will show you a roadmap to unlocking a richer life.


The ONE AND ONLY mentorship program for Filipinos where you'll learn

EVERYTHING you need to know to start, grow, and scale your Amazon business. 

Whether you’re a total beginner or already have experience with eCommerce, I want to guarantee you three things::

  1. 1
    This WON’T be an easy journey, but the payoffs are HUGE. How huge? When you create your own business, you’re going to work- just like you work now - but after that work, you’ve built an asset that’s yours. Nobody can take that away from you. The best part? That asset can produce income for years and years to come.
  2. 2
    You’ll have to WORK HARD for 9 to 24 straight months. After that? You can run this international multi-million business for 3-4 hours per week. That’s my second promise.
  3. 3
    You’ll need to look LONG TERM because you need to constantly re-invest money into your business...which means you'll probably break even in the first 6 months. If you're willing to do that, this could be your one-way ticket home to be with your family, never to work again away from them.

If you like these three promises, then let me show you...

What You’ll Get Once You Join Filipino
Amazon Masterclass

FAM Training #1:

The Complete Filipino AmazonSeller Crash Course

(Worth P350,000)

You’ll learn how to set-up an Amazon FBA business from scratch. If you’re a beginner, not sure what to do next, or feel lost — this is for you.

This course was specifically created to transform you into an Amazon FBA Seller in 4-5 months. No fluff.

You’ll get your hands on the EXACT road map I took that helped me launch my business from the ground up.

Just simple, straight to the point, easy-to-follow instructions.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside:


  • The most powerful mental “hack” successful people have perfected to set goals and keep your eyes on the prize…
  • The exact step-by-step process you must go through to get approved as an Amazon Seller in the United States...
  • During the “Approval Stage”, you'll discover what best IDs to use, what buttons to click, how to fill up forms, and we'll guide you what to do up to the last page.
  • What to do if you got disapproved on your first try? We'll show you how to submit an appeal and how to respond to Amazon's seller  support team...

CHAPTER 2: How to Set the Right Budget to Seamlessly Run Your Business

  • Costly mistakes newbies make and how to avoid them by strategically planning your budget & expenses with Amazon selling...
  • Cash Flow Forecast for Filipino Amazon Sellers: How to calculate the capital you need to start selling on Amazon using the product you chose…
  • NEW Spreadsheet that takes off all the guesswork in deciding how many units you should order for your product launch...
  • Get exclusive access to the latest templates, product lists and done-for-you trackers so you can focus working ON your business instead of being in it...

CHAPTER 3: The Fundamentals of Amazon Selling

  • Curious how the Amazon Seller Central Dashboard looks like? Imagine no more! We’ll take you on a quick tour and show you how to navigate through the website...
  • The important terms you must understand early as an Amazon seller to SAVE time and GET AHEAD of your competitors…
  • Why the FBA model is your best bet to building an automated, headache-free and PROFITABLE business at the comforts of your home...
  • Learn the different kinds of barcodes, the difference among them, and what barcode you MUST use if you plan to sell in Amazon UK, AUS, EU, etc.
  • The cheat sheet manual every seller is dying to get their hands on to stay on track so you can launch your winning product as soon as possible…

CHAPTER 4: How to Find Your Winning Product to Sell on Amazon

  • Not every Amazon seller knows this, but AVOID these products at all cost! (This can be one of the most expensive mistakes sellers make)...
  • There are only 3 questions you should ALWAYS ask yourself during product research (PLUS, my secret "out of the box" product research technique)...
  • FINALLY REVEALED: FAM Niche Research Template to Mapping out your product research so you can quickly find your winning product…
  • Discover PROVEN strategies that had worked for successful brands and you’ll be surprised that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel after all

CHAPTER 5: Finding the Right Supplier that Best Fits You, Your Product, and Category

  • Add these to your Product Packaging to increase the perceived value 10x more and get favorable reviews on Amazon…
  • Ask and you shall receive. The different types of product packaging you can request your supplier to create for you…
  • The three qualities to look for in your suppliers (PLUS, a quick demonstration on how to find suppliers on Alibaba)...
  • Done-for-you templates on how to negotiate with your supplier so you can get the BEST DEAL for your products, including five letter templates we use for negotiation…
  • Supplier Checklist, Packaging Guidelines, Agreements & Contracts ( These are new sub chapters under Supplier Sourcing) 


  • Knowing the purpose of the various legal documents your supplier and Amazon will prepare for you once you start shipping products overseas...
  • Discover the different transit options, their lead time and pricing. PLUS, a quick guide on which to use first as a new Filipino Amazon Seller...
  • All-New 2021 Shipping Checklist of things to prepare to bring your products to the USA
  • Creating Your Shipping Plan Walkthrough: exact step-by-step process for creating a shipping plan so you always have stock (important during peak season)...

CHAPTER 7: How to Build an International Brand

  • When’s the RIGHT time to apply for a Trademark (PLUS why trademark protection matters for Amazon Sellers)...
  • Why Amazon's Brand Registry is your best friend as soon as you have found your first winning product…
  • How to unlock Amazon's additional marketing programs (like Enhanced Brand Content and Amazon Storefronts) so you'll have an unfair advantage over competitors…
  • The ONLY Trademark Registration Service we recommend if you want to get this done fast…
  • Save hundreds of thousands using these two (2) paths I’ll show you if you haven’t trademark your product...

CHAPTER 8: Creating Your First Amazon Listing

  • Basic Listing Walkthrough: Our 15-step guide to creating your first Amazon listing…
  • What is "Amazon A9" and why you must understand this in-depth if you want to create a product listing that ranks to the top of your category…
  • Your ULTIMATE guide in writing a keyword rich product title, optimized bullet points, and persuasive product descriptions that will make visitors buy…
  • How does Amazon's "Backend Search Terms" work and why this can be a powerful tool to increase your reach, brand recognition, and multiply sales...

CHAPTER 9: Launching Your Product

  • There are only 3 necessary phases you must go through to successfully launch your product on Amazon...
  • Launching Checklist: The 5 different things you must have ready before "opening" your Amazon store to the world...
  • How to create a "Launch Price" for family and friends to gain momentum, get reviews, and increase awareness inside Amazon...
  • Create the RIGHT promotions and giveaways to boost your organic sales and ranking on Amazon...
  • Take advantage of the "Early Reviewer Program" and how to get your first 5 reviews...

CHAPTER 10: Amazon Sponsored Ads...

  • Discover a cheap way to get valuable data from a multi-billion dollar using Amazon sponsored ads…
  • How to set-up Auto Campaigns that will help you find long tail search terms for future campaigns (which are relatively difficult to identify)...
  • The step-by-step process to create a "Manual Campaign" to maximize product visibility & boost sales...
  • When should you use "Auto Campaigns" and "Manual Campaigns" during your Amazon journey...
  • Advanced Amazon PPC training: How to scale your ads for maximum profit, ACos Analysis, and Campaign Troubleshoot...

CHAPTER 11: How to Win in Customer Service

  • Meet these "3 good customer criterias" to get more sales, reviews, and loyal customers...
  • How to manage the "Buyer-Seller Messages" inbox and reply to the messages so you can maintain a "under 24 hours" response rate...
  • How to answer FAQ and create a "Questions Asked" feature above the reviews section of your Amazon listing…
  • Get rid of unjustified, negative seller feedback (to maintain your high 4-star of 5-star review)...
  • A ‘little-known’ secret on how to request reviews from your customers without violating Amazon’s policy...

CHAPTER 12: Managing Inventory & Product Reorders

  • How to use Amazon's Built-in Inventory Management Tool so you won't run out of stock and force your customers to run to your competitors (affecting your reviews, sales, and rankings)...
  • How to reduce losses from mismanaged storage, receiving errors, and employee theft even though you're on the other side the world...
  • Learn the pros and cons of having "excess units" inside Amazon's built-in Inventory Tool...
  • What to do when you have low inventory (and why it's DEADLY to go out of stock if you're starting out)...
  • When to temporarily close your inventory, lower your Amazon Sponsored Ad Spend and what to do once your new stocks arrive so you can quickly "re-rank" in Amazon's search engine...
  • Think you’re ready for product #2? Let’s see! Simply follow our 3-step guideline so you avoid an expensive mistake…

CHAPTER 13: Account Maintenance

  • How to create and analyze data from Performance Reports and use them to your advantage…
  • You’re definitely leaving money on the table & at risk of losing your ranking if you’re ignoring this crucial keyword-related report…
  • Go from ‘clueless’ to knowing what parts of your listing are helping you get more sales and which ones are dragging you down…
  • Keep fraudulent sellers at bay & protect your listings with Amazon self-help tools to report suspicious activities...

FAM Training #2:
Monthly Mastermind with Head Coach

Lish Aquino for 6 Months 

(Worth P240,000)

For the next 5-6 months, I’m going to host live group Q&A sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, learn from my experience, gain valuable insights, and even learn additional strategies LIVE.

If you can’t make it, that’s totally fine. You can watch the full recordings with Q&A inside our member’s area anytime you want.

Here are a few topics you can expect we’ll discuss in these webinars:

  • Can’t find your first winning product? Use my proven-and-tested methods for uncovering hidden gems in places other sellers overlook...
  • Simple ways of branding yourself so you’re seen as a legit business buyers will do business with…
  • Access to my Product Validation Cheat Sheet: How to continuously find winning products so you can scale faster than your competition…
  • Automation, system, and delegation secrets 8-figure business owners use to grow their business so you can earn more profit while working less and experiencing less stress…
  • The different ways to structure your physical product business (And why you are NOT selling a product, but building a brand)…
  • How to create a legitimate US Bank Account (so you can get paid) while residing in the Philippines — exact instructions plus walk-through…
  • How to Create Your First Amazon Product List, How to Rank Your Product to Page 1, and How to Create a Good Inventory Management System...
  • How to create a Shipping Label, Negotiating with Forwarders and Shipping to Amazon Warehouse...

...and so much more.

FAM Training #3:
One on One Coaching Calls

with Dedicated FAM Coach

(Worth P100,000)

Once you join FAM, we’ll assign you to a dedicated FAM coach who will mentor you, guide you, and monitor your progress via email.

This way, you’ll get all your questions answered. You’ll always have someone to talk to when you feel overwhelmed, lost or confused on what to do next.

To top it all off, you’ll also receive 4 coaching calls (which are 30 to 60 minutes long) within 6 months.

The coaching calls are scheduled via email and meetings are conducted via Zoom

You can only schedule a call again if you've already submitted your assignment. 

By doing this, we'll be able to hold you accountable, monitor your progress, and make sure you're on track to building your own international brand in the next 6 months.

Stop trying to do everything yourself!

Name one successful person who never needed the help of anybody. Can’t think of anyone?

That’s because winners always get help. Presidents get advisers. Athletes get coaches. Businessmen get mentors.

If even the world’s best can benefit from advice, imagine how much WE could benefit from seeking advice from someone who can show us the step-by-step process of creating an income generating asset & support we need.

I know how it feels to get stuck. I’ve been there and during those times, I struggled BIG TIME.

But you won’t have to experience the same ordeal. You’ll get access to an exclusive group of Filipino Amazon Sellers where you can ask questions from other beginners, intermediate 5-figure earners and even 6 to 7 figure experts.

That access is priceless and can literally save you years and tens of thousands of pesos of heartache.

Imagine being surrounded by people who empower each other to succeed, who will celebrate with you when you reach your milestones and who are eager to share what’s working for them.

No other program includes all these helping hands, perfectly integrated.


You’ll also receive 5 bonuses that will help you

scale your business and become a multi-million 

Amazon FBA Seller faster…

BONUS #1: Keyword Research Training for Product Launch and Listing Optimization (Worth P5,000)

In this webinar, we go in-depth on how to find search terms to improve your first product launch and accelerate your search engine ranking with listing optimization.

BONUS #2: Brand Registry Webinar with 7-Figure (USD) Amazon Seller (Worth P15,000)

In this webinar, you’ll discover how to wisely brand your products so you won’t have to deal with thieves, hijackers, and scammers...

BONUS #3: Branding Webinar with one my first 7-Figure (USD)Amazon FBA Mentors (Worth P20,000)

A few months ago, I interviewed my mentor and asked him how he was able to build multiple Amazon stores (each making 7-figures).

PLUS, how to brand your products quickly so you can easily sell them and be the preferred brand in your category.

BONUS #4: Competitor Analysis Template and Niche Research Template (Worth P2,000)

These are in-house tools we created inside AmazoNation PH. Once you use the Competitor Analysis tool, you’ll avoid the costly mistake of entering a category you can’t win.

BONUS #5: Demonstration on How to use Helium10 (Paid Software) for Product Research (Worth P2,000)

By far the fastest way to find your first winning product is through paid software. Inside AmazoNation, we recommend Helium 10.

Inside this webinar, we’ll show you how to wisely use Helium 10, what buttons to click, which metrics to give importance to, and so much more.

You’ll get all these if you join Filipino Amazon Masterclass today.


You’re probably wondering how much this all costs

Before I tell you, let me ask you a question first…

Are You Willing to Invest ₱7
to Earn Back ₱100?

Look, I spent almost Php 1-million to learn what I already know now and I can honestly tell you it was money well spent. I applied what I learned and turned it into a multi-million international business.

You can do the same too...for less than 1/10th of the cost.

When I started, I didn't even have a mentor. I was alone. No one was willing to show me the ropes. Nangutang pa nga ako ng Php 1-million at one point para masalba ang FBA business ko.

I don't want you to experience that. That's why I'm going to show you what I learned in the past decade as a 6-figure Amazon VA and 7-figure Amazon FBA Seller. I will coach you...mentor you...give you feedback...and make sure you'll earn your first million within 12-24 months.

You also don't have to pay P500,000 which is how much they charge for a one month consultation.

You don't have to pay Php 250,000 either (which was the price of my first course) for 16 weeks of premium content and a year's worth of coaching. You won’t pay Php 125,000 either --- like other people have offered me to mentor them.

You'll get everything...

  • FAM Training #1: The Filipino Amazon FBA Crash Course (Worth P350,000)
  • FAM Training #2: Monthly Mastermind with Lish Aquino for 6 Months (Worth P240,000)
  • FAM Training #3: Four (4) One-on-One Coaching with Dedicated FAM Coach for 6 Months (Worth P100,000)
  • FAM Training #4: 8 Exclusive Masterminds with FAM Coach
  • BONUS #1: Keyword Research Training for Product Launch and Listing Optimization (Worth P5,000)
  • BONUS #2: Brand Registry Webinar (Worth P15,000)
  • BONUS #3: Branding Webinar (Worth P20,000)
  • BONUS #4: Competitor Analysis Template (Worth P2,000)
  • BONUS #5: Demonstration on How to use Helium10 (Paid Software) for Product Research (Worth P2,000)
  • PROMISE #1: You will generate 7-figures in Total Gross Sales (Peso) in 24 Months*
  • PROMISE #2: An Automated FBA Business in 24 Months*
  • PROMISE #3: Help you build your OWN BRAND in 24 Months*

...for a fraction of a cost. 

[*DISCLAIMER: The 3 Promises will only apply IF AND ONLY IF you follow the system I will teach you and go on the 1-on-1 coaching calls.]

Now, you might be thinking: "Wow, that's really steep Lish."

Well, that's the point. I priced it that way to keep the "not-so-serious" out and the "REALLY serious entrepreneurs" in. 

Because at the end of the day...

You May Not Even Qualify for This
Annual Mentorship Program

I've mentored people in the past...for FREE. And it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

They didn't value what I was teaching them. They thought that becoming an Amazon FBA Seller was easy, it's fast money, you only need to know a few "trade secrets."

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

That's why...

  • If you don't have the necessary requirements to apply for an Amazon Central Account, --- you need to reconsider joining as without this you cannot apply the learnings. Requirements are valid ID (passport or driver's license), Statement of Account or Bank statement and ultility bill. Procedure on how to register for your Central Amazon Account is part of the course. 
  • If you're unteachable --- you think you already know everything and you only want validation for your knowledge --- this isn't for you...
  • If you're planning to treat this as "part-time work" --- this isn't for you. This is a real business. You won't accomplish much thinking little work is involved...
  • If you think hard work isn't required, then this isn't for you. Yes, you'll earn passive income, but this isn't a "set and forget" type of business. You have to work extremely hard...at the start. Once you're an established business (which takes around 6-12 months done right), then it becomes passive income...
  • If you think I'll do everything for you, you need to stop reading right now. I'm here to guide you. NOT RUN YOUR BUSINESS...because at the end of the day it's YOUR business. Not mine.
  • If you think this is a "quick-rich" business, it's not. I will ask you to dedicate at least 6 months of your life to make this work. If you're NOT willing to work hard for 6 months so you can retire in 6 years, this isn't for you...

But if you're ready to work hard, willing to take direction, and trust the process...so you can earn Php 1-million in the next 24 months...

For a limited time, you can get full access to the

Filipino Amazon Masterclass at an extreme discount

Yes! I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.

Because after this, we can’t promise that we’ll be able to offer something similar to this in the future.

So, if you’re one of the 60 people to join the Filipino Amazon Masterclass through this offer, I’ll slash at least Php 16,903 off the normal price.

Act now, and for as low as Php 55,897 you get a lifetime’s worth of my proven business process inside the Filipino Amazon Masterclass.


Your 5 BONUSES worth Php 44,000, all for FREE.

With instant access to our exclusive seller community ready to give you the ultimate support you’ll ever need…

With a no-brainer deal like that, why not?

Here's What You Need To Do Next...

Click the button below to APPLY for my mentorship program. You will be redirected to the Application Page where I will ask you questions and let you choose your payment plan.


Inner Circle

Php 112,000  Php 89,897

FAM Training #1: The Filipino Amazon FBA Crash Course (Worth P350,000)

FAM Training #2: Monthly Webinar with Lish Aquino for 6 Months (Worth P240,000)

FAM Training #3: Four (4) One-on-One Coaching with Dedicated FAM Coach for 6 Months (Worth P100,000)

FAM Training #4: 8 Exclusive Masterminds with FAM Coach

BONUS #1: Keyword Research Training for Product Launch and Listing Optimization (Worth P5,000)

BONUS #2: Brand Registry Webinar (Worth P15,000)

BONUS #3: Branding Webinar (Worth P20,000)

BONUS #4: Competitor Analysis Template and Profitability Calculator (Worth P2,000)

BONUS #5: Demonstration on How to use Helium10 (Paid Software) for Product Research (Worth P2,000)

PROMISE #1: You will generate 7-figures in Total Gross Sales (Peso) in 24 Months*

PROMISE #2: An Automated FBA Business in 24 Months*

PROMISE #3: Help you build your OWN BRAND in 24 Months*



Php 72,800  Php 55,897

FAM Training #1: The Filipino Amazon FBA Crash Course (Worth P350,000)

FAM Training #2: Monthly Webinar with Lish Aquino for 6 Months (Worth P240,000)

FAM Training #3: Four (4) One-on-One Coaching with Dedicated FAM Coach for 6 Months (Worth P100,000)

FAM Training #4: 8 Exclusive Masterminds with FAM Coach

BONUS #1: Keyword Research Training for Product Launch and Listing Optimization (Worth P5,000)

BONUS #2: Brand Registry Webinar (Worth P15,000)

BONUS #3: Branding Webinar (Worth P20,000)

BONUS #4: Competitor Analysis Template and Profitability Calculator (Worth P2,000)

BONUS #5: Demonstration on How to use Helium10 (Paid Software) for Product Research (Worth P2,000)

PROMISE #1: You will generate 7-figures in Total Gross Sales (Peso) in 24 Months*

PROMISE #2: An Automated FBA Business in 24 Months*

PROMISE #3: Help you build your OWN BRAND in 24 Months*

What’s Going to Happen Next…

Allow us at least 2 business days to process your payment.

After we verify your purchase, I will:
(1) Give you access to our private Facebook group
(2) Give you access to the videos on Thinkific

Look, I'm only looking for Filipinos who are serious and dedicated to make this work. 12 months of your life is no joke. So if you think you have the heart, grit, and determination to make this business work and potentially generate 7-figures in the next 24 months...

...then click the button below to join today

And you need to act fast because:

I'm only accepting 60 students

We're giving everyone who joins FAM Inner Circle unparalleled support.

You're going to get a coach who will guide yougive you feedbackmake sure you've made progresswill answer all your questions, and will support you every step of the way.

We can only give this type of 24/7 support to a limited number of Filipinos.

That's why we're limiting the number to only 60 students.

But if you ask me?

The lesser the better.

The more I can coach you. The more time my mentors can help you. The faster we can answer all your questions, give you guidance, and direction.

Look, we're on a mission here to mentor the next batch of millionaires. We don't want wannabees and aspiring entrepreneurs. We want to help SERIOUS Filipinos who want to build a business on Amazon.

If you think that's you, then join now.

The next time you'll see this? My previous students may have already sold out their products because of the holidays. (Amazon sales pick by 5X during the holidays).

Here's the bottom line:

I know I can teach you how to make P 1,000,000 or more in the next 24 months. eCommerce is a booming business...and Amazon is its leader.

Amazon will send you thousands, if not millions, of buyers to your store every single month. If you know what you’re doing, you can turn those visitors into customers...and then into repeat buyers...so you can amass millions in the next decade.

I know I can teach you my methods for creating a sustainable, 7-figure empire in just 12 short months. A business that will generate passive income and will only need 2-3 hours per week to maintain.

I know you can do this even if you've never created an online or traditional business before...even if you don't think you're smart enough or think you're an entrepreneur.

Lastly, there's something important that I told the people who enrolled in my last courses. And I'll tell it to YOU now. It is this: If you know how to use Facebook, Google, and YouTube, I’m 100% sure I can teach you how to create an Amazon FBA business that generates P1-million in *Total Gross Sales* in 24 months..

Apply to join my membership now...and see you for yourself.

Remember, I'll only accept 60 students.

If you're number 61 to join the FAM Inner Circle or you missed the deadline, I'm sorry. You'll have to wait for a few months...maybe a full year again.

And by that time, some of my students are already millionaires...

So if you’re one of the people who has been actively asking me to have a program, this is the time. I'm not sure exactly when I'll open this mentorship program again.

What do you think your life will

look like 3 years from now?

How long have you been thinking about starting a business so you can finally come home and be with your family?

How many blogs and Youtube videos have you seen every week?

How many photos have you seen scroll by on your Facebook feed of friends posting their newly bought cars, traveling in the middle of the week while you’re sitting in your room telling yourself “Sana all”?

It’s a relief to realize that right now, at this very moment, we have the most free time we’ll ever have.

Yet instead of taking action, most of us just dream about a better life… someday.

That instead of looking fear and doubt straight in the eye, we let them cloud our thoughts and hold us back.

In the next coming weeks, you’ll be doing the same routine and habits. Another week of doing some task that, 10 years from now, you won’t even remember.

Believe me when I say that tomorrow will be just like today unless YOU make a change.

You may not know all the steps to go from where you are today to a weather life, and that’s okay! That’s what the Flipino Amazon Masterclass can help you with.

The most important step you take is the next one, the one right in front of you.

In just a few minutes, you can choose to be part of an empowering community of fellow Amazon sellers.

Or you could be stuck where you are now.

In just a couple of months, you could have finally found your winning product and start earning passive income while you sleep.

Or you could be sitting in front of your computer, wondering “What if…?” Filled with regrets for not taking that chance.

In a year, you could have already established an Amazon business earning you 6 to 7 figures per month while only working 2-3 hours per day.

Or you could still be celebrating Christmas and the holidays alone overseas away from your loved ones.

In your life, you only face a handful of truly life-changing decisions.

If you’re ready, this decision can change your life.

It can give you the life of abundance, freedom and growth.

But only you can make this choice.

Only you know if it’s time.

If you’ve read this far, I suspect it’s time to make that change.

You deserve a life that’s without limits

A life where money and time is no longer a problem...so you'll be able to focus on the more important things in life like:

  • Taking care of your family
  • Raising your kids
  • Retiring early together with your spouse
  • Helping your friends and family
  • Giving to your church, a charitable organization, a good cause.

In 24 months, you can have that...and more.

So what are you waiting for?

Apply for the mentorship program right now, by clicking the button below.

I’ll be waiting for you on the next page.


To Your First Million,

Frequently Asked Questions

How much capital do I need to start?

We recommend a minimum starting capital of P150,000 to start your Amazon business. This amount will be enough to cover product & shipping costs.

How much time do I need to spend daily for my business in my first year?

When I first started becoming an Amazon FBA Seller, I was working for 10 clients. So I was only able to work on my business 1 hour per day. For you? I encourage you to spend 3-4 hrs per day for better and faster results.

I'm not a "techy" person. Can this work for me?

If you know how to use Google, Facebook, and YouTube, then I can teach you how to generate 7-figures in total gross sales in your first year.

So the answer is YES! If you follow what I teach, work hard, and trust the process, you can definitely do this.

What if I invested then after 1 year nothing happens? What's the assurance that I will earn back my initial investment?

You are trying to build an international business here. A business where you don't have to spend P1-million to just "try." You simply need a minimum of P150,000 as capital so you can start a business that can potentially earn P1-million in your first 24 months

Yet, like any other business, there is no assurance you will earn back your initial investment.

Your chances of success will depend on how you take action, handle adversity, and get direction. That's why the FAM coaching team and our community are here. We're here to help you do that. But in the end, it's up to you.

When will the mentoring start? How long will you guide me?

Kindly expect an email from our team for further instructions. Those who availed the Inner Circle package, will have 5 coaching calls which you can schedule within 6 months after joining the program. We will also have Masterminds discussions twice a month to have in-depth discussions and further address your concerns..

About the guidance…

Since you are going to be a lifetime member of our exclusive Facebook Group, you have full access to a support group of advanced, intermediate and start-up sellers just like you.

In addition, if you’ve built your business and you’re now looking to hire your first Virtual Assistant, we can also help connect you to our roster of trained VAs.

If all this sounds good to you, apply for my mentorship program today.

Do I need to have a sales and marketing background to make this work?

As I mentioned a while ago, I was a Virtual Assistant when I started. I grew my FBA business while working for 10 clients. I didn't learn marketing or sales while I was working for them. I picked it up along the way while working on my own business.

So the answer is NO. Sales and marketing background is NOT necessary to succeed.

You only need to follow a proven-and-tested system so you can sell dozens of products per day on Amazon. And I'm going to share this system with you once you join my mentorship program.

What's the difference between Amazon FBA and other eCommerce stores (like dropshipping and online selling)?

As of May 2020, Amazon.com alone had over 2.5 billion visits making it the most-visited eCommerce platform in the United States. Now imagine partnering with this giant and even if you only capture a measly 1% of its users, that’s still a huge number of potential customers waiting to spend money on your products.

So if you’re ready to build an eCommerce store that generates passive income, that only requires 3-4 hours of work per week to maintain, and build a business that will last for decades...

...then join my Amazon FBA Mentorship Program today. I'll personally show you how to do it.

What's the difference between this mentorship program from the P 250,000 course you bought? Why should I choose yours?

First of all, this is MUCH cheaper.

Secondly, my program is based on 4 years experience with multiple sellers and my own Amazon business. It is not based on the course I bought. You will receive personal guidance from me.The P 250,000 course was a *Self-Study* course. Once you buy it, you're on your own.

With my program, you won't just learn, absorb, and then apply. You can ask questions from an experienced Amazon FBA Seller, learn what to do once something doesn't go according to plan, and learn how to scale your business fast.

Thirdly, this is for Filipinos by a Filipina. Amazon FBA Sellers from other nations (like America, Australia, Canada, London, India, Hong Kong, etc.) DO NOT know the struggle of working from the Philippines.

I do.

And I'll show you how to navigate the confusing and complicated world of Amazon FBA through a Filipino's eyes. You'll learn insider tips on how to create a US Bank account even if you're in the Philippines, how to contact suppliers, how to ship products to Amazon's warehouse, and so much more...

If you want a Filipino to teach you how to do all this so you can make P 1-million in 24 months as an Amazon FBA Seller, then join my mentorship program today.

I have a question that wasn't answered here.

You do? Great. 

Please feel free to ask me! Send me an email at lish@amazonationph.com

I'll answer your questions as soon as I'm available.