ATTENTION: Amazon VAs who want to specialize in PPC ads both aspiring and experienced...

When you join the FPPCM course,
here’s what you’ll get:


Filipino PPC Masters

₱60,000.00 - ₱39,085.00

How would you like waking up to messages like these?

Yung pagbukas mo ng laptop or smartphone mo, ganitong notifications yung mababasa mo...

An email from a client asking for your availability to start working with him ASAP…

An acknowledgement of how well your interview went together with a contract attached with it…

A random bonus from your client for a job well done…

These are only a few of the hundreds of messages I receive from my students who have successfully landed Amazon clients just by implementing the strategies I taught them.

Not only that, but I also receive offers from prospective clients who want to work with me.

These are inbound leads which means that they contacted me first.

And you might be wondering how my students and I ATTRACT CLIENTS who are EAGER TO PAY AND WORK WITH US.

Sila pa yung mismong nagfa-follow up.

Imagine how your life will be if you have a stable source of clients throwing themselves at you.

This time, you’re the one calling the shots.

Ikaw na ang namimili sino ang gusto mong ka-trabaho…

And the best part? 

You wake up every day without worrying about money, and where to get your next client.

If up to this point, what I’m saying is making perfect sense to you…

Then don’t stop reading.

I promise I’ll make it worth your while.

Hi, my name is Dine Alcabao and I help aspiring and existing Amazon VAs land premium clients by offering PPC ads management services.

How premium you ask? 

Well, I normally receive offers between $1200-$2000 for starters.

And that’s because I have helped many Amazon sellers set up PROVEN systems grow their businesses.

At maniniwala ba kayong I’ve only been in this industry for 3 years?

Yup! Not too long ago, I was in the exact same situation as you.

I was happy working in the BPO industry for 8 years until I had my first daughter.

It was in 2017 when I ventured into freelancing so I could work at home to be with my baby.

My very first online jobs were as a real estate VA & live chat support for a software company.

The salary was ‘okay’ and we were getting by naman...

Until I got pregnant with my second child.

Sobrang saya namin mag-asawa pero alam mo yung may halong takot at kaba?

That moment, I knew I needed to do something para sa future needs ng mga anak ko.

At the same time, my eldest was also turning one and she needed my attention more than ever.

This forced me to look for another work na pwede kong iwan anytime kapag kailangan ako ng mga anak ko.

After all, sila naman talaga yung reason bakit ginagawa ko ang lahat ng ito.

And that’s when I discovered Coach Lish’s ASVA masterclass in 2018.

I went all in and never looked back ever since.

It was in March of 2019 when I started applying to Amazon job posts.

But what caught my attention was kapag related sa PPC yung job ad, mas malaki yung offer.

In fact, if you try searching online…

Here are a few that you’ll find:

So right then and there..

I made the decision to pursue and become an Amazon PPC ads specialist.

I will be forever grateful to my very first client who took a chance on me and trained me.

TBH, one of the reasons he chose me daw was because I already had the basic understanding of PPC management and the Amazon seller dashboard....

Both of which ASVA had prepared me for.

From there, things only got even better.

Kasabay ng pag improve ng skills ko, my income grew as well.

But I didn’t stop there.

I started investing in PPC masterminds to further level up…

Sean Smith's PPC AMS Accelerator costs around $5000 or Php 250,000 and,

Brian Johnson's Sponsored Products Academy is priced between $2000 - $3000 or Php 100,000 to Php 150,000


Almost all of my mentees had the same reaction when I told them about it.

And yet I don’t regret every single cent that I paid for those courses.

The learnings, strategies and guidance I got from their community have TREMENDOUSLY propelled my career as an Amazon PPC ads specialist.

To date, my minimum engagement fee is $25 per hour

Everything I know about my craft…

Is a combination of my experience working with several small to 7-figure businesses and the masterclasses I took.

As an Elite coach, I only get to share these tactics with my mentees.

Pero gaya nga ng sabi nila…

May pakpak ang balita at may tainga ang lupa!

Soon, I started receiving messages from Advanced students inquiring about my mentorship, specifically for PPC.

At first, I wasn’t taking them seriously.

But when I checked the market, I discovered na walang Pilipino ang nag ooffer ng Advanced PPC masterclass!

Well yeah, there are a few ones out there…

Pero napaka-basic at walang kasamang in-depth discussion & strategies. 

So it got me thinking that night…

At hindi ako nakatulog! Haha

I even told my husband about it and he was very supportive of my idea.

My heart and mind were racing with all the opportunities that await.

In fact, there’s an increasing demand for PPC specialists...

Did you know that a great number of people are diving into the ecommerce industry?

In the latest article that Ecommerce guide released in 2020, Amazon ranks as the #1 website in the US with 2.73 billion monthly visitors.

According to Marketpulse, Amazon has more than 2.5 million active sellers in the US alone!

The number does not include sellers from the UK, Asia, Australia, India, Canada and more.

So you see…

With more and more sellers launching their products, the need for Amazon PPC specialists has become a requirement rather than an option for success.

In other words, Amazon sellers NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER!

They understand the importance of our role in ranking their products on page 1 and certain keywords to BOOST their sales & revenue.

That’s how crucial our role is.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment...

I’m sure by now you’re already convinced how lucrative becoming a PPC specialist is.

And in the past, whenever someone would ask me what’s the best in-depth training for PPC…

I’ve always referred my students to Sean Smith and Brian Johnson’s courses…

But with what’s happening nowadays, who has 100-250k lying around?

That’s where I come in.

I want to give equal chances to ambitious people like you who BELIEVE this path is for them.

Just like Keanue who started from zero experience but eventually closing 8 clients!!!

Then there's Jan, who persevered despite being rejected more than 200 times before getting an offer from the company she never dreamed she'd get.

It almost didn't happen for Felipe, but he managed to close his biggest hourly rate at $30/hr!

As for Abi, she saw this as a one-way ticket home…

If you think, you’ve got the determination and perseverance like my students to take it up a notch and dive into the realm of Amazon PPC ads…

Then I’d like to introduce you…

The Filipino PPC Masters

The first and only PPC masterclass created for Filipino virtual assistants to help Amazon business owners grow.

So if you are…

Someone who currently has a client and wants to learn more about systems and strategies for PPC…

Clueless on how to land your first PPC client…

Looking to upskill from an all-around Amazon account manager to a PPC specialist…

Then this course is for YOU!

There’s so much more behind the scenes, including scripts, templates and the entire system I used to triple my rate and deliver results my premium clients are happy to pay for.

Now, I want to make this a no-brainer for you.

Once inside, you’ll get:

  • Full access to a 4-week intensive course
  • Weekly Q&A aka Group Mastermind
  • 90 Days Support
  • 1 Year Access to the videos
  • One (1) coaching call for 45 minutes to 1 hour

Week 1 - Getting Started with PPC

  1. 1
    What is Amazon PPC?
  2. 2
    Amazon Pay-per-Click Language
  3. 3
    Campaign Ad Types
  4. 4
    Targeting Types
  5. 5
    Status & Error Messages
  6. 6
    Advertising Customer Journey
  7. 7
    Sponsored Products
  8. 8
    Sponsored Brands
  9. 9
    Sponsored Display Ads
  10. 10
    Bids: What are the different types of bids?
  11. 11
    Budget: What are the different budget types?
  12. 12
    Placements: What are different Amazon Ad Placements?
  13. 13
    What are the Bidding Strategies?
  14. 14
    What are the Manual targeting types?
  15. 15
    What are the Automatic Targeting Types?
  16. 16
    Keyword Match Types
  17. 17
    Keyword Match Types
  18. 18
    Campaign Creation
  19. 19
    Organization & Structure
  20. 20
    Intro to Amazon SEO & Amazon A9/A10 Algorithm

Week 2 - Optimizing Campaigns & Reporting

  1. 1
    Amazon Pay-per-Click KPIs
  2. 2
    Campaign Optimization
  3. 3
    Troubleshooting Scenarios
  4. 4
    Phases of Amazon PPC
  5. 5
    Bulk Files

a . Creating Campaigns
b. Updating Campaigns
c. Optimizing Campaigns

  1. 6
    Intro to PPC Reporting
  2. 7
    Amazon Downloadable Reports

a . Search Term Report
b. Targeting Report
c. Advertised Product Report
d. Campaign Report
e. Budget Report
f. Placement Report

  1. 8
    Analyzing Reports
  2. 9
    Calculations & Formulas
  3. 10
    What are Data Visualization Tools?
  4. 11
    Types of Amazon PPC Automation Tools

Week 3 - Keyword Research with Campaign Launching Secrets

  1. 1
    Intro to Keyword Research
  2. 2
    Keyword Relevancy
  3. 3
    Keyword Cannibalization
  4. 4
    Keyword Masterlist
  5. 5
    Different Strategies to do PPC Keyword Research
  6. 6
    Keyword Research Tools
  7. 7
    Monitoring & Tracking Keyword Rankings

Week 4 - Advanced PPC Campaign Strategies

  1. 1
    Ranking Product Strategies
  2. 2
    Product Launching Strategies
  3. 3
    Automatic Campaign Strategies
  4. 4
    Advertising in different marketplaces
  5. 5
    Shock and Awe Strategy
  6. 6
    Day Parting
  7. 7
    Handling Low Budget Accounts Strategy
  8. 8
    Handling Big Budget Accounts Strategy
  9. 9
    Advertising different product variations
  10. 10
    Offense Strategies
  11. 11
    Defense Strategies


  1. 1
    A Handful of WALKTHROUGH videos
  2. 2
    Testing & practicing your skills
  3. 3
    Downloadable Handouts
  4. 4
    Improving your Client Communication Skills
  5. 5
    Enhancing your CV/Resume
  6. 6
    Enhancing your Portfolio
  7. 7
    Auditing an Account
  8. 8
    Onboarding an Account
  9. 9
    User Permissions Guide
  10. 10
    Bunch of Case Studies in our Discord Server
  11. 11
    Ask unlimited questions in the following channels

a. Filipino PPC Masters Discord Server
b. Weekly Masterminds
c. Weekly Study Buddies

  1. 12
    A list of international agencies hiring our students
  2. 13
    Invited Speakers in our Mastermind Sessions
  3. 14
    Frequent Update in the modules
  4. 15
    Stay up to the latest Amazon Advertising trend with our PPC

News & Updates channel in Discord

And then decide if it’s right for you.


Apart from myself, two (2) of my best students have also been trained to provide mentorship to our aspiring Amazon PPC experts.

You’ll have unlimited support from your coaches and the entire community every step of the way.

Coach Marcus

He previously worked as a team lead for a customer service industry. As my first ever student, I had the opportunity to test and implement different strategies with him that ultimately helped me design the core modules of my masterclass.

He’s helped multiple clients scale to more than 4000% increase in sales within 90 days of handling their accounts and currently works as a lead PPC manager for a full service Amazon Agency for over 2 years.

A servant leader by heart, Coach Marcus ensures that no questions will remain unanswered.

Coach Adrian

Previously worked as one of the top sales agents in the automotive industry. After joining the 2nd batch of FPPCM, he landed a PPC role under a full service Amazon agency and has ever since managed multiple accounts of more than $1M in ad spend across different categories.

He decided to be one of my coaches in 2021 as part of his advocacy of paying it forward. Coach Adrian's background in business makes him an invaluable asset in helping clients and students find solutions to problems.

The only way you risk anything is if you sit on the sidelines.

If you want an excuse to wait a few more months, you’ll find it.

And if this isn’t right for you, no worries.

But if you’re eager to 2X, 3X, even 5X your rates, it’s time to get started.