With more and more Filipinos joining the bandwagon of working from home, the competition has become tighter and fiercer.

And for someone who’s just starting out as a freelancer, it can be disheartening to even dare compete with candidates who already have years of experience.

But that’s not the case for our featured guest, who against all odds and amidst the rejections she received, still remained steadfast and eventually reaped success.

Meet Faye

After graduating last year, she started helping in her dad’s company doing basic clerical tasks such as data entry and encoding.

She merely wanted to earn extra since her current pay wasn’t enough for her personal needs.

That prompted her to do some research and look for online opportunities.

“Randomly, nagwa-watch ako ng Youtube videos about financial freedom tapos napunta ako sa isang Youtuber na nagshare about being a general virtual assistant. Tapos ayun, I was like maganda ‘to, nasa bahay lang tas nag-e-earn.”

Excited with her new discovery, Faye immediately tried sending applications as a general virtual assistant.

She created a profile on Onlinejobs.ph and added in her experience in data entry and other skills she thought could help her land a client.

“Sinagad ko yung 10 applications ng Onlinejobs.ph… well, di naman like 10 every day pero marami [akong inapplyan]”

She sent not just written application but video introductions too.

But to her surprise, no one hired her.

The main struggle she encountered was her lack of experience.

Most of the clients she spoke with were looking for virtual assistants with years of experience.

“Usually kasi kapag naghahanap ang isang employer, dapat may experience like 3-5 experience [so] wala akong mabigay plus hindi ko rin alam paano ipackage yung sarili ko so ayun nahirapan talaga ako nun.”

Even after receiving A LOT of rejections, Faye was still determined to make it work.

She continued watching videos until she stumbled upon another Youtuber who talked about specializing as an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

What she heard made great sense to her.

She immediately searched Coach Lish Aquino’s profile and messaged her page asking if the Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant (ASVA) Masterclass is open.

“During that time hindi pa sya available pero patapos na yung batch 7 nun. Tapos after a few weeks, nagmessage yun ASVA na merong available na, so ayun kinuha ko kagad!”

She thought to herself if that Youtuber who also started with no experience got a client, she too can definitely do the same.

Her batch started their masterclass on June 4th of this year.

Faye couldn’t even wait until the course has completed.

And three weeks into the program, she tried her luck once again.

“Ang ginawa ko pa rin is nagmass apply ako. Actually, sa Onlinejobs.ph lang talaga ako nag apply.”

In 3 days, she sent a total of 30 applications to several job posts.

Then after a few days, one of the prospects she reached out to responded.

“Sunday na yun tapos nagmessage sya… need na nya ng VA kinabukasan, Monday nun. Imagine magkausap kami hapon dito sa Philippines so dun [timezone ni prospect] is early morning. Mine-message pa rin nya ako kahit ang tagal kong magreply kasi naghihingi ako ng tips sa inyo kung paano magreply.”

During the conversation, she asked relevant questions about her client’s business and his goals.

Since she was able to demonstrate knowledge and confidence because of the training she has gotten, Faye was able to close the deal with a rate of $10/hr.

She believes that her intention to immediately apply what she learned from the course pushed her to take action.

And because of her recent win, Faye has inspired a lot of her classmates and previous batches to do the same.

She was able to prove that her training is more than enough to land a premium client.

Not only that, she did so well during the ‘interview’ process that her client gave her a sign in bonus!

She shared that she feels blessed that her client is appreciative and doesn’t micromanage her.

She works 40 hours per week but on a flexible schedule, giving her the freedom to manage her time well.

As of this writing, Faye is now on her second week and she had just completed doing product research.

She’s happy that she’s able to practice everything that she learned from the video tutorials and see results.

“Super blessed talaga ako sa client ko. Nag-a-update ako every day and always nya akong minomotivate kaya namomotivate akong magwork.”

Faye knows that all of this wouldn’t be possible if she didn’t take that leap of faith to enroll in the ASVA masterclass.

She likes the fact that it’s beginner-friendly and not too overwhelming.

There’s proper pacing for the lessons and it clearly explains what your role is and the skills you need to learn.

Plus, the community is there for you to ask if you encounter challenges or questions along the way.

When asked what her message is for all aspiring VAs out there, you may wanna hear out what Faye has to say…

“Never give up. Tapos niche down lang siguro talaga sa skill na gusto mong kunin kasi kung broad yung gusto mong gawin, mahirap talaga kasi maraming competition. Maganda talaga na magspecialize ka isang area. Treat your freelancing business as a business, not as a job. Mas motivational [kung] if you see it as a business. ”

She may have failed several times but every time she stood up, she became wiser and stronger.

She embodies what an Amazon Virtual Assistant should be…

Resilient and unwavering.

So, if you’re someone who’s also struggling to get clients, don’t lose hope!

Everyone goes through the same tough process especially when we’re trying out something new.

Every ‘no’ makes you closer to finally getting that ‘yes’ you’ve been waiting.

Of course, it pays to step back and analyze your current situation to see what’s working and what’s not.

Like what Faye mentioned, there’s a reason why niching down on one area can get you better results.

One, you’re able to cater to the specific needs of your target market and offer the best solutions to help them achieve their business goals.

Second, it helps you focus your energy and efforts to learn what skills are relevant to your offer.

Lastly, you’re able to rise above the tight competition since you’re able to give results only you can provide!

If you’re ready to take your freelancing game to the next level…

Then click this link to access the “Complete Checklist to become a Well-Paid Amazon VA”

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