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Three New Filipino Amazon Selling Hacks My Students Unlocked

The 3 Techniques My Students Used to Dominate their Competition, Generate Organic Sales, and Rank #1 on their Target Search Term

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On Lesson #1, we showed you what your first six months as a Filipino Amazon Seller will look like

You discovered exactly what you need to do each month --- when to start finding suppliers, when to ship to Amazon and so much more.

On Lesson #2, we talked about the "FAM Pillars" and how you can sell your products on your first week.

In this lesson, we're going to discuss something I've never shared before...

We're going to talk about...

$14,400 in one day last December 2019

The Filipino Amazon Selling Hacks My Students Discovered

You see...

During their Amazon journey, I was right behind them. 

I gave them 6-months worth of training. 

I helped them find their first products. 

I gave them tips on how to negotiate with their supplier. 

I sometimes even give them feedback with their product development process. 

Whenever my students had questions, I always answered.

If I didn't know the answer, I asked my mentors (who are earning $1M/mo) to give us insights. Sometimes I ask them to answer the questions inside my exclusive community.

That's why this is the best community for aspiring Filipino Amazon Sellers.

You get training. You get mentoring. You get coaching. You get support. And even additional new lessons from 8- and 9-figure Amazon Sellers. 

So I was confident in my students.

They know what they're doing.

They know the potential wins and losses for trying new things. 

But they were CONFIDENT TO TRY because they knew we were right there behind them. 

Not every new attempt was successful. That's just how it works in business.

But the attempts that were successful --- we documented, we studied and we broke down so other students can follow.

Today, we're going to share some of those successful insights with you. 

You're going to learn WHY this worked and HOW to emulate so you can potentially experience the same results. 

So without further delay, here are...

The Three New Filipino Amazon Selling Hacks My Students Unlocked

Selling Hack #1
Create a "Unique Mechanism"

The #1 problem new Amazon sellers face is standing out.

There's nothing new under the sun.

The products you're planning to sell? Somebody has probably sold it on Amazon.

So if that's the case, how do you succeed?

How do you get people to buy your product?

How do you overcome your competitors?

The answer?

Creating a "unique mechanism."

This is what one of my students did.

While he was still applying to become a seller, he already had a product idea in mind.

The problem -- there are a LOT of people already selling the same product.

So what he did was read customer reviews, study the competitors, and create a UNIQUE product.

Take note: it's not new. Just slightly different.

According to his research, there was one feature his competitors were not improving.

My student focused on improving the "ignored feature" and sacrificed the quality of the other features.

It's like this...

Let's say you're in the smartphone market.

Almost everyone is focusing on better graphics, smoother touch functionality, and improving battery life.

If you have a limited budget, you can't compete in that contest. Instead, change the game. Focus on making a better camera or better gameplay graphics.

Sure, you're going to sacrifice battery life and a few more features.

But, you'll be at the top of a category YOU created.

That's what my student did with his product.

He focused on improving an "ignored feature" and sacrificed the other features.

A gamble?

Yes, of course.

But it paid off.

After product development, he shipped 150 units to Amazon's warehouse.

Within two days, he got his first sale.

After a few weeks...

  • He's averaging 4 unit sales per day
  • His product listing is on page #1 for its target keyword
  • He has ordered 250 more units because he's almost out of stock (as of January 2020)

So when you're brainstorming on what products to sell, look at the "ignored features" your competitors aren't improving.

Become the best in that feature.


Selling Hack #2
Enter a "Gated Category"

There's a category in Amazon that has lesser competition --- it's called the "gated category."

This is a category where Amazon asks for more papers to see if you’re a legit business.

Here's why:

In the past, there were a lot of sellers that sell fake Nike shoes, fake iPhones, and other fake items.

Amazon created a "gated" category to combat this.

If you're competing against Nike, iPhones, and other brands...

...you need to undergo a process.

Amazon needs to see you're not a "fly by night" company.

You'll need to submit a lot of a Sales Invoice and Product Certification (like Safety Data Sheets, Lab Results and Certifications, etc.)

The process can take weeks or months, depending on where you live.

But once your product is "ungated", expect a FLOODGATE of sales.

My student who's in this category is selling a $40 product. And even if though he's having a rough start (right now his product has a 2.5 star-rating), he's still getting sales every single day.


There's less competition in this category.

It's difficult to enter. Only a few businesses ever attempt.

Another reason? Most aspiring amazon sellers don't think long-term.

They want sales and they want it NOW.

They're not willing to undergo the processes to "ungate" their product.


Getting "ungated" is not easy.

That's why it's best to have an experienced coach by your side.

My student almost quit.

His journey was nerve-wracking.

Here's what his Amazon journey looked like:

❌ His product listing was SHUT DOWN due to returns.

✅ Ms. Ayee (one of the coaches) helped him file an appeal because he sold 100+ units yet only had 11 returns.

✅ The product listing was reinstated.

❌ Amazon detected the product he's selling was inside a "gated category." The student didn't know.

❌ Amazon shut down the listing again and asked for more documents. Sales ceased.

✅ Ms. Ayee helped him transfer to a new Amazon sub-category. She helped him find the necessary documents, how to submit them, and what to tell the Amazon representatives.

✅ After a few weeks of back and forth, the product listing was reinstated and is now OFFICIALLY part of a gated category.

✅ Paid and organic sales started to surge.

✅ My student sold 120 units in two months. At one point, he was spending $100/day on ads and bought the software Helium10.

Now, he's averaging 5-7 sales per day.

According to his keyword tracker, he's on page 1 for 78 keywords as of January.

He's looking to scale this 2020.

He's planning to launch 4 new products inside this gated category.

That's what you get if you have a world-class coach behind you.

Even if you're disheartened, the coach will push you to greatness. The coach will push you to achieve your goal.

That's what I and Ms. Ayee did for my student.

If you want us to coach you as well, I'll tell you how in the next few lessons.

For now, let's go to the last one.

Selling Hack #3
Sell Different Variations

Normally, we advise against this...

...especially when you're starting out.

This is expensive.

This is laborious.

This is super risky.

When you're selling different variations -- like selling one shoe design but different 4 different colors -- you're NOT SURE which one will sell.

You're basically experimenting.

So what we advise is to sell one variant first. If it sells, add two or three more variants.

However, one of my students was able to "hack" her way into doing this.

She doesn't buy from Aliexpress or Alibaba.

☀️ She creates her OWN products here in the Philippines.

☀️ She ships them to Amazon's warehouse.

☀️ She then sells each unit at $17.

But before my student experienced this breakthrough, she experienced a BIG BLUNDER that cost her thousands of pesos.

She fell in love with her first product. All the red flags were there.

She was competing against established brands.

Her competitors are selling the products below $10 (which means it's not profitable).

And she almost got sued for using a trademarked word.

She's still feeling the consequences of her decision.

As of this writing, she still has 100+ units on Amazon. They're stuck there...accumulating dust.

She overcame that adversity quickly. She got back up, did it RIGHT the second time, and started executing flawlessly.

She also asked the right questions, asked for feedback, and showed us she's resourceful.

I mean, she's one of the few Amazon sellers who's selling product she created.

That's why today, with her second product...

? She's selling 4 variants.

? Within 24 hours of the product arriving, she got a sale.

? Now, she's selling 10-20 units per day.

? She's also #1 for her target keyword on Amazon.

? She also now has 100+ reviews for that product.

? She's selling out fast. The first batch she sent to Amazon was 70 units. The second batch now is 230 units.

What's more impressive:

She did this with minimal ad spend.

Most of her sales and reviews are organic. 

So What made Her Successful?

#1 - Quality Products

There's no doubt about it.

If she doesn't have quality products, why is she beating her competitors?

By the way, these competitors are selling the same items at lesser costs.


One word.


#2 - Customer Experience

Almost every buyer who has given her a review also included pictures.

If you're not a satisfied buyer, you will not go the extra mile to praise an amazon seller.

Yet, that's what happened to her product listing.

#3 - Following Proven Methods, Strategies, and Tactics

Success leaves clues.

You either do it yourself, try experimenting, and perform trial-and-error.

Or you can follow what successful Amazon sellers are doing.

My students obviously followed what I taught.

I also told them to ask questions, ask for feedback, and NEVER do this alone.

You have a team of coaches and experienced Amazon sellers you can lean on.

That's why their chances of success are higher than most Filipinos.

You now know the hacks. 

You now know that it's possible to sell 10-20 units per day on Amazon.

You now know you can develop your products here and sell them on Amazon for $17 or more.

All it takes is following a proven-and-tested system, working hard, and working smart.

That's what my students did.

That's what I did.

We built it the right way.

The customer always came first.

And our goal was to build a business that will survive the long-term.


You won't get 7-figures per week within a month of starting.

It took me 3 and half years before I could make 7-figures in one week...

I made $16,000 during the Black Friday Sales and $15,000 on Cyber Monday...

What I used to make in month, can now be replicated in under a week — and by working waaay less.

If those numbers impressed you, great.

But that’s not the point.

What I want to tell you is this:

Being an Amazon Seller is more achievable than you might think.

So let me ask you...

If you acted NOW, started the process to become an Amazon seller, and sold 10-20 units per day...

❓ How much would your life change?

❓ Would it allow you to live a life of freedom?

❓ Would your family appreciate that extra time you get to spend with the kids?

❓ Would it make your parents proud?

❓ How much stress would it take off your shoulders knowing you could take a vacation anytime you want?

Like I said, all this didn’t happen instantly.

And it wasn’t like a light-bulb moment either.

Everything I learned came from losing millions of pesos, failing to launch two products, and not listening to my mentors.

But pushing through it was worth it.

I came out of the other side armed with a whole different way of operating — a very unique way to dominate Amazon as Filipinos.

That's what I want to impart with you.

So listen…

In Lesson #1, we showed you how to become an Amazon Seller, step-by-step.

In Lesson #2, we talked about how to generate sales in your first week.

In this lesson, we learned actionable and practical strategies to sell more products as Filipino Amazon Sellers. You discovered

HOW to implement them so you can potentially do the same for your business.

It’s been a jammed packed lesson so make sure you review your notes and take action immediately.

But first, let me ask you a question...

Out of the 3 selling hacks, which do you think is the best?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

And if you found this lesson useful, please share it with your friends.

In my next lesson, we're going to put all of these lessons together.

Lesson #4 is all about The 10-Step Checklist to Launch Your International Amazon FBA Business From Scratch

If you're excited to see that, watch out for our next lesson. :)

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