Maxine Pascual was an OFW in Dubai for nineteen years.

Overseas Filipino Workers are called modern-day heroes for a reason. They work oceans away from their families, endures homesickness, and spends their birthdays alone. They miss all the important events of their loved ones in the Philippines.

Loneliness and work are an unhealthy mix for anyone.

That is why Maxine wanted to be done with that life. She was in a very renowned company in Dubai, but it was, at the time, downsizing. She knows that it was only a matter of time until she gets cut off.

Although she knows that her work abroad could’ve been worse, she knows she wants to be home for good. That is when she fell into an investment scam in the Philippines back in 2016. Maxine lost millions of pesos.

It was their life savings. According to her, they were able to overcome that challenge by:

Nakatulong talaga ‘yung faith ko kay God. Atsaka yung teamwork namin ng husband ko. Nanghihina kaming dalawa, syempre, pero sabi namin na kakayanin namin ‘to. Hindi talaga namin alam kung saan ulit magsisimula. It was an expensive learning experience.

After that stint, she did not go back to the comforts of the familiar corporate job. She started to try online freelancing.

At first, she said that she was just getting “seenzoned”. No company was getting back at her. Frustrated, but not giving up, she knew that she’s not doing it right.

Maxine then enrolled in a Virtual Assistant online course. Still nothing.

Nawawalan na talaga ‘ko ng pag-asa. Paano to? Wala na talaga ata.


Desperate, Maxine ventured into trying call centers. She was offered a night shift. But as she did not deem this practical at all, she turned it down.

Finally, in 2017 she stumbled into the blogs of Nikki of AmazonNationPH. Maxine was fascinated. She enrolled in the Masterclass.

As she was studying in the Amazon Seller VA Masterclass, Maxine really invested her time in studying the modules.

Hindi ko talaga hinayaan na may ma-miss ako. Sakin, basta dapat may matutunan ako lagi in a day.

She researched a lot and dedicated a lot of time to the online course.

It was really a huge investment for her because, at the time, they didn’t have a lot of money. She had to ask her husband.

However, it was still an uphill climb after that.

She started scouting for job opportunities again, applying for VA jobs everywhere. Still nothing. She started comparing herself to her classmates in the online course who was already starting to earn in this line of profession.

Na-pressure ako, syempre! Na-stress ako! Nako teka, sabi ko na baka there’s something wrong with me.

Once again, self-pity and self-doubts started to creep in the back of her mind. She knew that she was doing everything, yet all her investments in time and resources still yield nothing. She questioned her abilities, luck, and herself. Was this career really for her?

Hinga nang malalim.

Her frustration, however, fueled her persistence more. She continually experimented with her cover letters and resume. She continually applied to various companies.

One and a half months and another five days without internet later, a job listing was sent to their Facebook group chat. It was already four days old.

Expecting nothing, she applied. Much to her surprise and excitement, she got a response.

She passed the screening and was then interviewed.

Her interview went well, and she even described her client as really professional, cool, and “chill”. Maxine said that the client was familiar with Coach Lish, her mentor in the Amazon Seller VA Masterclass.

This is not surprising as Coach Lish is presently growing traction among the Amazon sellers. Lots of clients know that Coach Lish is producing quality Virtual Assistants in the Philippines.

Among the three core skills required in the job, namely the Product Research, Product Listing, and PPC, she was asked which is her weakest spot.

Ang sabi ko ay parang mahina pa ako sa Product Listing because I’m no good in persuasive writing pero kaya ko naman. Copywriting is not my strong suit but I can handle it. Pinakita ko sa kanya mga assignments ko sa Masterclass ko.

Her client was impressed with her works. She was also amazed by her 15-year job experience in Dubai. In her former job, she managed logistics, administrative works, sales support, freight, and supplier negotiations.

She was then asked how she can translate her past job experience to becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Negotiation, outsourcing, yun na ‘yon eh. Ilalagay ko lang siya sa online marketplace which is Amazon. Pareho parin naman yung basics at yung foundation. And, syempre kailangan ko lang din alamin ang technicalieties ng Amazon para mas magamay ko.

Finally, she landed her first job. She was offered a whooping BASIC + 30USD/ hour.

Sobrang saya ko! Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako binigyan ng bonus. Pero hindi ko naman magagawa yun kung wala ang ASVA. Thankful talaga ako sa ASVA. Talagang life-changing.

Life-changing, indeed. Maxine went from working miles and miles away from her family to working remotely at the comforts of her house. She’s also getting a handsome paycheck to support her family.

Her husband was absolutely delighted. He was surprised at how high the rates of a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines are.

Their investment in the Masterclasses finally came to its fruition. The risk that Maxine took finally paid off.

All her frustrations, days, and nights of studying her modules finally paid off. Maxine is really happy and contented right now.

Being a Virtual Assistant, like any profession, requires a creative process. Like Maxine and other many Virtual Assistants, you would have to continually learn and improve your craft.



She has a message to everyone who was stuck in the corporate scene like she was all those years ago:

Sa ASVA, kaya niyo yun. Yung modules dito is easy to digest talaga. As in, talagang pakonti-konti hanggang humirap. Based sa experience ko, marami talagang expectations when you try to apply. Pero meron at meron talagang para sayo. ‘Yun yung paniniwala ko. Basta just don’t give up and you really have to study it. Dito sa ASVA, makukuha mo talaga ‘yung dream job mo. Sa community palang panalong panalo ka na.

Maxine expressed her gratitude to her mentor and her classmates who helped her grow as both a Virtual Assistant and a person. She knows that someone will always have a community to turn to whenever she needs help.

ASVA, therefore, is more than just long modules and assignments. It’s an integrated learning experience that will help an individual in more than just the career aspect of his/her life. At least that’s what Maxine and other ASVA students testify.

Never stop learning, Maxine advises aspiring Virtual Assistants. There’s always something new to learn. There are always areas we can improve. Anyone can do it!

Maxine’s current job allows her to be flexible in doing her work. Her client doesn’t want to micromanage her. She can work for two hours and still get a paycheck for eight-hour work. Long as she gets the job done.

Amazon Virtual Assistants are paid for the value that they contribute to a business. Maxine, along with the other VAs, are assets. With the right tools, a Virtual Assitant can create wonders in a business.

‘Yun lang talaga for me. ‘Wag na ‘wag ka lang titigil at susuko. Meron at meron talagang para sa’yo.

If you want to be free from the shackles of the 9-to-5 corporate job, this career might just be for you! Join Maxine Pascual in the ASVA journey to success!

Learn more about the ASVA Masterclass here.

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