(Part 1 of 4) Free Mini-Lessons: How to Get an Amazon VA Jobs in the Next Few Weeks

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Before you get the lessons, I just want to tell you WHY I'm doing this...

Free Mini-Training (Part 1 of 4):

The *Real Reason* This Free Amazon VA Training Was Created

Ito yung mga raket na gusto kong pasukan noon.

You see, I just quit my full-time job because I wanted to stay close to my new-born baby.

But I still wanted to make money. So I thought of starting a business from home.

Kaya kumuha ako ng leaflets and promo flyers ng mga legit na businesses.

I got overwhelmed really fast. So many options to choose from. And all of them had the same "high risk, low reward" business model.

To top it all of, it would take A LOT of my time to start a business. A lot of time from the house, from my son, from my family. So I stopped.

I almost gave up on my "make money from home" dream...

...until I heard about online jobs and working as a "virtual assistant."

It had everything I wanted. I was close to my baby. I was at home. No capital needed. I only needed a computer and internet connection. It was perfect.

This was it. This was the BEST WAY to earn and stay close to my new-born baby.

But it wasn't as easy as I thought.

My first year was tough!

I had to fight tooth-and-nail to get that first client. He paid me less than $3 per hour. It got better though as I built up my portfolio and gained experience. But it still took me 3 years to make 6-figures per month.

I’m actually happy I went through those challenges and difficult situations.

Without experiencing those things, I wouldn't be able to earn $180K to $200K per month as an Amazon FBA Seller.

Now, why am I telling you this?

It’s because I want to show you how I went from unemployed housewife to struggling freelancer to a 6-figure Amazon VA Expert...

And I’m going to do that by publishing 3 Mini-Lessons in the next few days.

I'll share with you lessons I learned as an Amazon VA (freelancer) for 8 years and as an Amazon FBA Seller (business owner) for 4 years.

My name is Lish Aquino. A lot of people call me “Amazon Queen” because I’ve been helping struggling freelancers become highly-paid Amazon VA Experts.

In the next few weeks, that’s what I want you to accomplish.

That’s why I'll be posting bite-sized lessons in my FB page and FB groups. My hope is that you'll use what I'll share so you can finally earn more and work less.

Here's what you'll learn in the next few days:

3 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert and Win Clients Before Even Talking to Them (Works even if you have no experience, certifications, or portfolio yet)

  • What to write in your Profile so clients message, come, and chase you (and not the other way around)...
  • The most common mistakes Filipino Freelancers make that prevents them from getting high-paying jobs...
  • Ace your client interview ALL THE TIME: Hidden Persuasion Tactics I learned from a 6-figure Filipino Copywriter.

And so much more...

This is just a sneak peek. I may add a few more. It depends...

And since this training is for you, I want to ask you:

***What's your #1 BIGGEST Question about becoming an Amazon VA?***

If the question is really good, I may write a long, detailed post about it. 

So ask away! Wag mahiya.

I'll answer as many as I can in the comments section below.

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Best Regards,
Lish "#PHAmazonQueen" Aquino

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3 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert and Win Clients Before Even Talking to Them
(Works Even If You Have No Experience,
Certifications, or Portfolio Yet)