(Part 2 of 4) 3 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert and Win Clients Before Even Talking to Them (Works Even If You Have No Experience, Certifications, or Portfolio Yet)

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3 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert and Win Clients Before Even Talking to Them

(Works Even If You Have No Experience, Certifications, or Portfolio Yet)

I’m willing to bet a few of you reading this are already virtual assistants…

…and want to level-up your income and start working with high-value clients.

Even if you aren’t and you’re just starting out, you can still use everything I’m going to share with you here.

Here’s why:

What I’m going to show you are strategies to increase your perceived value to your future clients and employers

And no. You don’t have to buy a course, attend a seminar or read a book to do this.

You simply need to do one thing.

If you do this, you’ll be able to charge higher rates…almost overnight.

Before I reveal what that “onee thing” is, we need to do something first…


The #1 questions I got from my last post was this:

“What if I don’t have experience?”

Trust me. You already have the skills and experience to become an Amazon VA.

You just don’t know it yet.

That’s why you need to do an experience audit.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: List down EVERYTHING you’ve done for your current and past jobs.

This includes accomplishments, awards and recognition you might have received.

What are the roles, responsibilities, and tasks assigned to you? What’s your job description?

List them down.

Step #2: Contextualize your experience

Next, you have to contextualize your past experienced.

You were a call center agent before? Great! You have experience with customer service. Amazon sellers (your future clients) need that!

Did you manage small teams in the company? Nice! You have project management skills. You can probably manage other VAs as well…right?

You joined a startup as an assistant and it grew to earning P7-figures per month? Alright! You were part of a fast-growing company so you can handle pressure and stress well.

Like I mentioned, you already have the skills and experience to become a Virtual Assistant. It just so happens you got it from different jobs.


Step #3: Create a list and add on to it.

There will be facts you will forget. But it’s good to build a list as you’re searching for jobs.

When you’re reading the job descriptions for “Amazon VA Needed” or “Looking for Amazon VA Experts”…

You’ll start to see what they need and see if you have “contextualized experience” to be a fit in what they need.

Once that’s done, here’s what you need to do next:


I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this before or not. But this is essential to your success as a freelancer.

If you don’t niche down, it’ll be hard for you to find clients.

Now, some of you here have heard of this. And you probably tried it before…but nothing happened.

And that’s because you didn’t niche down the right way.

Before I tell you the 3 ways to do that, let me kill some FEARS first.

These are FEARS some freelancers have that’s stopping them from niching down…

FEAR #1: I’ll have a lot less clients

When you niche down, you’re going to alienate 90% of the population. Others think that’s bad…but that’s actually good!

If you’re talking to everyone, no one will listen.


It’s because you have a very generic message. And for clients that are willing to pay 6-figures or more, they want a targeted, laser-focused service. Not a generic one.

FEAR #2: I’m not an expert

This is not true. Simply because “expertise” is relative. What looks easy to you might seem difficult to another person.

Remember in you first year in high school? You thought the seniors were the best at everything? They were great at sports, smart, beautiful, etc.

3 years after, you have first years thinking the same thing about you.

So don’t worry about expertise. To serve your clients, you simply need to be a few levels higher, smarter, and better than they are.


  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
(1) Category

Every online business ALWAYS need 3 things: leads, sales, and engagement.

What are you helping them with? Are you helping them generate more leads? More sales? Maybe more engagement?

You need to find out.

Or maybe you’re faster, better, stronger than everybody else?

You can say you’re the Philippine’s fastest researcher. Or maybe, the most efficient.

“The Best Virtual Assistant in the Philippines that Gets You Leads”

That’s better than just saying you’re a virtual assistant, right?

Now, that’s just one level. You can go deeper by doing #2.
(2) Methodology

What are your methods of achieving results for your clients? Do you use a specific method? Or a very popular method that’s being taught?

For example, you’re a virtual assistant that specializes in using the ASK Method.

Maybe you have a minimalist approach to organizing files and events.

There are many ways to go about this. But the most important thing is that you have a methodology.

It gives your client comfort that you don’t just do random stuff. You actually have a method, a system, a process for doing things.

Now, let’s apply this shall we?

“I’m a Virtual Assistant that uses the ASK Method to Generate Leads for my Clients”


Last, but certainly not the least…
(3) Specialty

Finding a specialty will take months, sometimes years. But once you found one, it’ll be worth it. You’ll get clients left and right.

The easiest way to find your specialty is to answer this:

What industry have you been working in the past few years? Are you in health? Biz opp? Maybe personal finance?

Do you like that industry? Do you know more than 90% of the population?

If you do, then can be your specialty.

For example:

“I’m an Amazon Virtual Assistant that Helps Amazon Sellers Increase Their 5-Star Customer Reviews on Amazon

This is one way. You can specialize with one platform. For example, Facebook ads:

I’m a Facebook VA that helps Businesses Generate More Leads using the ASK Method”

You can also combine both…

“I’m a Facebook VA that helps Weight Loss Companies Generate More Leads using the ASK Method.”

Isn’t that better than just saying: “I’m a virtual assistant.”

Now, this will alienate 90% of the online businesses in the world. And that’s great! Because most of them don’t have the budget to pay you anyway.

So go after the 10%! Niche down. You’ll earn 10X more while only working 3X less.

If you’re planning to use this, then you’ll surely love my next post. It’s all about generating leads on autopilot.

You know you’re an expert. You already demonstrated it. In my next post, I want to teach you persuasion.

More specifically:

How to persuade clients to message and chase you (and not the other way around).

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See you in my next post

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