(Part 3 of 4) How To Write Profile Descriptions That Sparkle and Persuade Clients to Message and Chase You

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How To Write Profile Descriptions

That Sparkle and Persuade Clients to Message & Chase You

Ever wondered how 6-figure freelancers have it easy?

Their pipeline of leads are always full. If they get dropped by a client, there’s always someone waiting for them.

And if they want to quit, they can. Because with just one message, they’ll get a client within the same week.

When I was starting out, I was jealous of them. I mean, what do they have that I don’t?

Is it skills?

Is it experience?

Maybe they’re just well connected?

When I dug deeper, I found out that wasn’t the case. Some of them only started within a year. Within 10 months, they’re already making P100K per month while working 4 hours per day.

Crazy, right?

So I asked and asked. What made them different?

After years of observing and studying, I saw a lot of things. I saw how they handled their calls. How they answered clients. Even their image on freelance websites.

Now, I don’t want to complicate this for you. That’s why I’m just going to show you the easiest change you can do right now…

…that will immediately impact your profile.

And maybe get you a new client within the next 15 days.


Here it is:


1. You need to give away free information. The kind that others will likely pay for.

You’ve probably learned a lot, right? You read blogs, watch guides, maybe even bought a few courses.

What’s the #1 thing you believe will help your clients if they implement it?

Put that in your profile. Give it for free. Once you do that…

2. Demonstrate you know what you’re talking about.

You need to give them a step-by-step (like what I’m doing right now).

Can you see?

I gave you free information. And then a quick demonstration.

You don’t need an over-the-top video or a long listicle. Just enough to give them an epiphany or an “AHA” moment.

Now, all of this won’t work if your picture sucks. That’s why…

3. Your picture needs to look professional.

If you’re in a shirt with a beer, no one is going to do business with you.

It doesn’t have to be in a set with a laptop. Just something neat.

And while you’re at it, clean up your social media too. We live in a very connected world. There’s no doubt your future clients will Google search you.

Once they do, and see your Facebook full of hate comments, ramblings, or maybe a vid of you getting drunk…

…well, you can say goodbye to that client.

We’re not finished yet. You also have to…

4. Ask testimonials from past clients.

You know you’re great. Your mom knows you’re great. Maybe even your neighbor. But all of them are biased.

That’s why you need 3rd party proof. If you have a client that’s willing to give you a testimonial, great! If he’s really happy about your work, you can even ask for a video testimonial.

If you’ve been features in magazines, newspapers, or popular blogs, you can do that as well.

If you did 1-4, great! You can easily get clients just by doing 1-4.

But if you want repeat clients — the types that will stay with you and would like to grow with you — then you need to do #5 and #6.

5. Share your values.

In the information age, we get to pick who we work with. That’s why you became a freelancer, right?

Aside from the high salary, you also get the chance to pick who you want to work with.

The same goes with your potential clients. And the best way to connect with them is to share your values.

If you two have the same values, it’s easier for you to connect. Not only that, it’ll be easier to close the deal.

And that may even lead to a partnership down the line.

What kind of values should you share? Well, what type of people do you want to help? Why do you want to help them?

If you can show them you’re more than just the money, you actually align with their mission, vision, and core values…

…then it’s easier to get hired.

How do you this? Easy. Research!


6. Project scarcity by saying you’re fully booked.

Or you’re only working with 2-3 clients per month.

An available freelancer is an inexperienced freelancer.

A busy freelancer is a good freelancer.

So always seem busy. Don’t panic. Don’t rush in to get the sale.

This will improve over time, but you need to stay cool, calm, and collected.

If you seem overeager, then that’s a red flag for them.

Completely detach yourself from the outcome. Just enjoy the process. If they don’t hire you, move on. If they do, then great. Don’t be so thankful. Act like a professional.

Okay. So that was a bit long.

Before I end, let’s recap.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this before or not. But this is essential to your success as a freelancer.

If you don’t niche down, it’ll be hard for you to find clients.

Now, some of you here have heard of this. And you probably tried it before…but nothing happened.

And that’s because you didn’t niche down the right way.

Before I tell you the 3 ways to do that, let me kill some FEARS first.

These are FEARS some freelancers have that’s stopping them from niching down…

  1. 1
    give away free information that will help your potential client
  2. 2
    demonstrate how that information works (if you have proof, the better)
  3. 3
    look professional
  4. 4
    ask for testimonials
  5. 5
    share your values
  6. 6
    project scarcity.

Now, if you didn’t notice, these are the 6 principles of Robert Cialdini in action.

  • Free Info – Reciprocity
  • Demonstration – Commitment & Consistency
  • Look Professional – Authority
  • Testimonials – Social Proof
  • Share values – Liking
  • Project unavailability – Scarcity

That’s why I’m confident this will work.

If you hit all 6 in your profile, and your potential client sees it, there’s a BIG CHANCE they’ll message and chase you.

Now, the ball is in your court.

What are you going to do once they contact you? What do you say? What do you send?

 That’s what I’m going to share next time.

So watch out for my next post okay?

Next week, I’m going to discuss to you how to close clients via proposals or discovery calls.

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See you on my next post!

Lish “AmazonQueen” Aquino 

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