(Part 4 of 4) Ace Your Interview ALL THE TIME: Hidden Persuasion Tactics I Learned From a 6-Figure Filipino Copywriter

Before you get the lessons, I just want to tell you WHY I'm doing this...

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Ace Your Interview ALL THE TIME: Hidden Persuasion Tactics I Learned From a 6-Figure Filipino Copywriter

You did the work. You positioned yourself properly.

They messaged you. They even chased you.

You’re in prime position to go in for the kill.

If they’re speaking with you, you’re already 80% there.

But don’t get too over confident yet.

The 20%, which is how you present yourself in the interview, is the most critical. If you fumble this, there’s a good chance you’ll lose this client.

Before I tell you what to do, let me give you a bit of context.

I’ve been on both ends of these interviews. I’ve been interviewed before as an Amazon VA. Now, I’m the one interviewing people.

I have a unique vantage point. I know what you feel as an Amazon VA. And I know what your clients are thinking… feeling… and saying to himself while talking to you.

Today, I’m going to use this unique perspective to help you ace your client interviews.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to do:[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.5.6″ _module_preset=”default” text_font=”Montserrat|300|||||||” text_font_size=”17px” hover_enabled=”0″]

1. Avoid any type of neediness.

Ask any salesman. This is one of the many reasons clients flee. When you act needy and desperate, you’re actually giving off a negative vibe. Your clients will instantly be turned off.

What you need to is be cool, calm, and collected. And disassociate yourself with the outcome of the call.

If you get hired, great! If not, then move on to the next.

 2. Do not discuss payment at the first half of your call.

If the client asks “what’s your rate” right off the bat, deflect.

Tell them you want to know what their goals, struggles, and problems are first.

If they *strongly* insist, this is a red flag. They want an employee to boss around. Most of the time, these are clients who will not pay what you’re worth.

So respectfully tell them that “okay, I don’t think we might be a good fit.”

3. Let your client talk. Find out what’s their #1 problem and #1 desire.

Discuss your client’s problems and desires. Be an active listener. Dissect and analyze.

What you’re doing here is finding solutions you can IMMEDIATELY provide…

…so they can get INSTANT results.

You want to give them a win right away. So ask, listen, analyze.

4. Repeat their problems and twist the knife.

Take note of what your prospect said. Say it back to them.

Use the words they’ve used to describe the pain or struggle they’re currently experiencing.

If you can, tell them the other parts of their business that might get affected if it’s not solved fast.

5. Paint a beautiful picture

Now, it’s your turn. But be brief. Tell them how your service can help them achieve their business goals faster.

Paint a picture where you’re in it giving them win after win after win.

6. Give them options.

Tell them they have two options. Hire you, a specialist, and get their problems solved…

…OR, get a general VA. Cheaper but not that reliable.

If they think cheaper is better…

Remind them that when they buy cheap, they buy twice.

The quality is horrible. Time is wasted. And they’ll eventually hire a 2nd VA to fix what the 1st VA did.

When they hire a specialist, the tasks gets done RIGHT on the first try.

7. Close the sale.

You’re almost there. This is the most nerve-wracking of them all.

This is where you ask them to pay you.

Give clear instructions. I normally tell my clients how and when they’re going to pay me.

Most of the time, I ask them to pay through PayPal and we agree when I’m going to get paid. Normally the 15th or 30th of the month.

Of course, there’s a bit of negotiation. But ONLY when and how I’m going to get paid. NEVER negotiate with your fees.

And that’s it.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Avoid any type of neediness.
2. Do not discuss payment at the first half of your call.
3. Let your client talk. Find out what’s their #1 problem and #1 desire.
4. Repeat their problems and twist the knife.
5. Paint a beautiful picture
6. Give them options.
7. Close the sale.

That’s how you ace your prospect interviews and get paid your desired rate.

In the end, what you really need to become a 6-figure Amazon VA is the right…

(1) Mindset

(2) Skills &

(3) Business Plan

If you have these 3, you’ll never go hungry and always have clients knocking on your doorstep.

And you’ll most likely hit the 6-figure mark faster than you’d imagine.


What if you don’t have these 3 yet?

Where do you go to change your mindset, hone your skills, and build a rock-solid business plan?

If this is what you’re thinking, then watch out for my next post.

It’s all about how I helped a few Filipinos go from general VA to Amazon VA.

And these Amazon VAs? They’re now earning $6/hr… 10/month… and even as high as $25/hr.

In my next post, you’ll see the EXACT steps they took to go from struggling VA to highly-paid, in-demand Amazon Virtual Assistants

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See you in my next post.

Lish Aquino