Tina was an entrepreneur all her life, but becoming an FBA Amazon Seller changed everything for her. Enrolled last July 2020 and launched her first product by December, her success story is one that we will never get tired of sharing. Sometimes, our first attempt can look like a failure, but if you look at it in a different light, it could be just be a success in progress! Tina also faced anxieties and excitements altogether, but her story teaches us that stopping is not losing as long as you get in your game again soon.  If you want to know how she grasped sweet success in her second try, then this blog is one you should never fail to know more about.

Getting to Know Tina

She has thrived in running her own business most of her adult life, but one thing that attracted her about FBA Amazon Selling is the flexibility. “The main reason I’m tired of business is that it grounds me,” she remarks.  She fell in love with the idea of running an Amazon business because it meant she could run it without having to stay for payrolls and seminars, while probably cruising around Europe or anywhere off the country.

She actually opened her Amazon Seller account years before she knew about Amazonation, but the scarcity of knowledge in the platform turned overbearing. With only 8 units in her inventory, her young Amazon business did not seem to go anywhere.

She eventually forgot about the entire store and went on with her other businesses, until one day, her husband saw one of Amazonation Facebook ads and convinced her to take a look at the program. Upon seeing that there’s hope for continuing what she started before, she was immediately sold. Tina was stoked to try again with proper guidance and knowledge this time around!

Favorite Takeaways in Her FAM Journey

Tina savored every module that she studied. Aside from learning so much helpful information from the modules, she also highlights how much she loves the coaching calls.

““The coaching calls are my lifeline,” she adds. Tina finds the calls to be very effective ways of addressing her questions. Looking back, she laughs at herself when she remembers how simple her questions used to be. But of course, in FAM, there is no such thing as a ridiculous question. Everyone is in the same page towards helping each other master the platform in their own pace.”

FAM has a warm and tight community of both new and seasoned learners who look out for each other by answering queries, offering useful tips, and even with helping others troubleshoot more complicated concerns.

A Brighter Beginning

Who would ever forget the feeling of a first sale? Tina shares her excitement over finally launching last December 2020. The three main things she love about the operations are preparing the listing, the launching, and of course, checking the sales on a daily basis!

Tina admits that there were definitely highs and lows. When it comes to selling on Amazon, some days of disappointment will be expected, as how it is for any kind of business. But keep your eyes on the goal and you’ll see that the all the anxiety and excitement are bound for something highly rewarding – just as Tina experienced!

ase was about to end.

Some Roadblocks in Her Journey

When asked what her main troubles were along the journey, Tina reveals that there’s nothing worse than losing focus. “I could have launched earlier, but I was torn with my other businesses.”

She magnifies the importance of dedicating at least an hour of your day to see what’s going on with your business, or if there’s anything that can be improved.

Another roadblock she doesn’t want others to experience is running our of stock in your inventory. Tina believes that it makes everything harder as you would lose momentum and the restocking would almost feel like a relaunching. You certainly do not want to experience the pain of rebuilding everything back up again, losing some clients, and exhausting yourself with what you can avoid in the first place.

 Another golden lesson she learned is that sellers should never be afraid of PPC or “Pay-per-click.” Just like any kind of business, your Amazon store is bound to flourish even better and faster if you always set a budget for ads!

Golden Advice For Everyone

Tina tells us three very important lessons to remember whether you are still about to start your selling journey on Amazon or if you’re already on it. 

First, be serious. We can easily gauge how serious a person is by how much time they give for something, and your Amazon store is no exemption. An hour a day (or even four hours a week will do!) should be enough to help you stay on top of everything.

Second, value PPC. If your intention is to scale your business soon, then there is no reason why you should skip investing on ads. Some sellers make a grave mistake of disregarding PPC, but in reality, it can either make or break your business!

Lastly, Tina wants everyone to understand that this is not a “get-rich-overnight” scheme. Although selling on Amazon is a versatile business in nature when compared to the conventional businesses onsite, it doesn’t mean we should not nourish it at all. Although everything becomes much smoother once you get the hang of it, and would therefore require less of your time, always bear in mind that Amazon is also a constantly changing platform. You need to keep yourself in the loop for any updates or change in trends.

Hopefully, this has been helpful and inspiring to you as it has been for all of us in Amazonation! Tina’s story is a tale of a failed first attempt but a grand second try, proving that success comes in many forms and patterns. We hope you will also find your perfect timing very soon! Make sure you stay updated for more inspiring stories, golden tips, and avenues for continual learning. We love opening possibilities for you, so keep in touch!

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