It’s not uncommon to hear stories about college students who have side hustles to get by with expensive matriculations and other needs. But what if those side hustles ultimately end up as your chosen path in the end?

Janna’s story is one that could break the typical prejudices of many – that a person should always work in their chosen field and profession. A nursing student should work as a nurse, an Education student should work as a teacher, and so on. But for Janna, as an Engineering graduate, she made a bold decision of becoming an Amazon VA instead. Let’s find out how and why!

Janna’s Beginnings

Working on a famous fast food chain while studying, hustling was never new to Janna. When the pandemic hit and she had to give up her side job, she still tried to find ways to generate some income to sustain her studies. For some time, Janna ran her own online selling business on Facebook.

A few months later, a client hired her as a writer. Her client noticed how eager Janna was with the e-commerce industry as she still kept on with her online store while studying and working for the said client. At last, they approached her and offered her a managerial position. This started a more concrete road to e-commerce for her!

The ASVA Experience

Starting with the Advance package, Janna yearned for the tight coaching on the Elite class so she went for the upgrade. While she was still studying the course, she already got hired for a part-time job. 

At $8 per hour with bonuses, Janna slowly worked her way to get a very strong grip of being an Amazon VA and finished the course. She is now handling three clients!

Three Golden Tips To Ace A Client Fast

First, it’s all about optimizing your profile. There’s nothing worse than sending bland, templated resumes to clients. Don’t fall short on this one!

Second, when it’s time for the interview, present yourself as the expert! You can easily do this by exuding confidence in the way you speak, mentioning the valuable lessons in the modules, and researching more on the web about interview tips.

The third one is crucial – don’t sound like a newbie! Janna boasted coming from ASVA and shared the credibility of Amazonation. Some clients are also newbies and once they hear about a strong, reputable brand who knows his business, you’ll get them hooked in no time. Janna leveraged the credibility of Amazonation by embodying what she learned through her knowledge in the entire interview.

Lastly, it’s all about impressing the client. All they know is that they want someone is not only willing to do everything to run their business, but someone who understands the world of Amazon enough. 

Janna acted as a consultant by turning the interview around – she did all the asking and the client did all the answering! This kind of rapport is almost unbreakable as it means that the client is not only engaged, but is also impressed with how much you already know.

Compensation, Work Habits, and the Demand for Amazon VA’s

With 3 clients, two of them gave her a fixed rate and the other client even gave her a salary increase in her first month. It may be different for everybody, but Janna is already earning 60,000 pesos as an Amazon VA monthly!

And it’s easy to ask this question: “Isn’t handling 3 clients a little too much? Do you still have time for yourself?”

If you’re a newbie, the answer just might surprise you – it’s not too much, and we actually have more time for ourselves.
This might sound unreasonable considering that working for a regular 8-5 job meant working for only one company but it effectively sucks the life out of you. But here’s the thing: Janna, like most Amazon VA’s out there, does not work at a fixed time, and is not required to work 8 hours a day.

Another common misconception about being an Amazon VA is this thought:

“The market is already too saturated.”

“Taking the course is not going to help anymore because they already produced so many graduates.”

“We can’t compete anymore because there can’t be countless Amazon sellers that exist and need our help.”

To cut the doubts, remember these three things:

One, that Amazon sellers do not hire only one VA.

Two, Amazon has sellers across platforms in different countries. It’s common to have a client from the USA but we also have Amazon sellers from Canada, UK, and more.

Three, Amazon sellers are increasing and some of them keep more than only one store to run.

Grab The Opportunity That’s Already In Your Hands

Janna used to be in your place. She used to sit and watch – wondering if this is going to be the right choice for her. All that doubting and worrying is normal if you let logic get in the way. But as sensible as your reasoning may sound, we think it’s easier to believe real stories from real people!

There is no reason for you to think that there’s no more room for more success stories like Janna. Amazon still is a thriving e-commerce platform that’s devouring the biggest countries, so believe us when we say that the future looks bright here!

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